Friday, January 8, 2010

Two Years On, Gill Park Still Charred

Remember the Gill Park Co-op fire back on December 13, 2007?
The building at Broadway and Grace still has the same boarded up windows and charred exterior that it did 2 years ago.


  1. I am not sure what the full scope of the project is, but they did do some work on the exterior of this building last summer (paint, repair). I wonder if they are going to finish the rest of the building in 2010.

    Don't these boarded up windows fall under some kind of slum law? While I am sympathetic to the fact that the fire caused damage that is expensive to repair (and the building may have been under-insured), this type of neglect is not my definition of an acceptable community standard.

  2. The back side of the high rise in the 800 block of Sunnyside looks about the same.

  3. yes, the other sides of the building were always seen to have scaffolding and workmen on the side of the building redoing the facade. however the BAD side, which should have been attended to FIRST is still a hot mess. ??????????? i hope when the spring comes they continue with the nasty side. naturally the part that is seen on tv from wrigley field is all freshly painted.

  4. Too bad there isn't some sort of incremental tax funding set up to help buildings (preferably those with affordable housing)avoid prolonged disrepair, like this.

    There's money being set aside to develop things which aren't even fully thought out, yet - but we let the rest of the neighborhood deteriorate.


  5. Yo, it's "Brilliant" ideas like the Wilson Yard TIF that sours community support for affordable housing in Uptown altogether.

    It would be no surprise to see this poorly maintained co-op in the picture gobbled up by a greedy developer, out to make a quick buck on a simple upgrade to condos.

    Meanwhile, 150 people or so will "win the Alderman Shiller lottery," able to move into Uptown luxury accomodations at Wilson Yard for a simple vote.

    All this, while current Uptown affordable housing residents wonder if they will have housing at all in the very near future.

    Like you said, Yo, Brilliant!

  6. I can tell you that the building will be rehabbed soon. The owners board is a bit dis-functional but the intentions are good. There is very little chance this building will go condo.