Friday, January 1, 2010

Smoke/Fire Last Night At Uptown Theatre?

A reader writes in with the following info:

"Did nobody else witness the smoke and fire trucks around the Uptown Theatre last night? We were standing in front of the Bank of America about 9:30pm, and saw smoking billowing from the roof, firemen, trucks, EMS, etc. I overheard one of the EMS guys say, "It looks like it's out," shortly after the smoke disappeared. Everyone was so relieved. I was amazed how much the eyewitnesses knew about the theatre's importance to our neighborhood. People were genuinely concerned that we were witnessing the destruction of a neighborhood institution.

I haven't heard what the source of the fire was and if there was any significant damage. Any updates?"


  1. There was a problem with the with the building's boilers - all the smoke was from the oil it burns which made it look much worse than it actually was.

    No worries folks - the structure itself wasn't damaged

    Happy New Year!

  2. Hope it didn't disturb the Peregrine falcons that were reportedly nesting on the fire escape!


  3. I do love those peregrine falcons.

    Their favorite meal is pigeon.

    In my nearly 18 decades in Uptown we now have the fewest number of pigeons since at least 1910 or so.

    I wish we had a TIF district strictly for peregrine falcon breeding.

    They kill rats too.

    Does Shiller's dreams of a fish farm provide any pigeon abatement opportunities. Hell, no!

    What we need is an avianponics center. Focused on pigeon and rat killing birds.

  4. i have never seen any falcons in the boiler room... i think they're ok too

  5. Perennially, the Uptown is heated on winter's coldest days to prevent any further damage from the cold. The old boiler does have a hiccup or two from time to time.

    When people freak out and think the theatre is burning, they should recall that almost all combustibles have been removed (carpet, drapes, etc.) over the years. What remains is plaster, steel and concrete. It was built for all time and will not be damaged easily.

    The falcons nest and hatch early in the spring. While the adults and the young love to perch on the Uptown and the bank building, they really only nest in the doorway leading to the fire escape when there are eggs or hatchlings.