Friday, January 1, 2010

Center For Yoga & Meditation Offering Free Classes

We heard from the folks at "The Center for Yoga & Meditation:

"The Center for Yoga and Meditation at 1352 W. Wilson Ave is offering all of their classes FREE during the month of January, as a 'Happy New Year, Uptown' present. We want Uptown to feel GREAT in 2010!

We've expanded our schedule to include African Dance Class, Tai Chi, and Kundalini Yoga. We also have a massage therapist onsite to offer therapeutic full body massage at discounted prices.

Check out our new schedule posted in the Yoga Center's window, or call us at 847.687.3688 for details.

Best Regards, The Squat Team, Inc.


  1. My husband and I just went to our first class this morning. It was a Tai Chi class taught by Kenvin. He was runing a little late and Christine, the owner of the studio, ended up doing a short meditation that included a "gong bath" with us while we waited for Kelvin to arrive. After he arrived, we did tai chi. What wonderful, genuine people and competent teachers! It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and we Uptowners are very lucky to have this gem in our neighborhood!