Saturday, January 16, 2010

Security Camera Helps Identify Attacker

Thanks to a security camera, an arrest was made in the attack that happened on the 4500 block of Sheridan, in the Emerald Towers. The suspect, Dennis Dawson, 34, of the 900 block of Lawrence, was let into the building by his victim, an 85-year-old man. The elderly man was then beaten in the elevator, according to WBBM News Radio, for four minutes by the person he'd let into the building.

Luckily, the entry and the elevator attack were caught on tape and played at 23rd District police roll call. On Wednesday, alert officers saw the alleged attacker and arrested him.

Yet another reason not to buzz people into the building unless you know them. Happily, the elderly victim is recovering. We're grateful for that, for the video cameras, and for our observant and alert police officers.  Click on the link for Channel 7's coverage.

Update:  Here's Channel 2's take, as well as Chicago Breaking News,


  1. I'm glad the po po got the bastard.

    The only way this story could be better would be if the scumbag ran into the street while trying to escape the cops and was run over by a garbage truck.

    Hopefully the truck would not suffer any damage in that scenario.

  2. 50 arrests!? For God's sake, why don't lawyers who get these pieces of debris off the hook get their licenses revoked when they commit more crimes the same way that gun manufacturers are held strictly liable for faulty guns?

    The ad prior to the video was in poor taste.

  3. "The suspect, Dennis Dawson, 34, of the 900 block of Lawrence..."

    Yet another example of local crime being perpetrated by local thugs, NOT by "kids coming up on the CTA from other parts of the city" as Miss Shiller would like us to believe.