Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gee, I Wonder How Much Trouble This Zoning Change Will Be?

Sedgwick Properties Development Corporation
FRANK MARTIN PARIS, JR, President & Secretary
1525 W Homer St
Chicago, IL 60622 
  • $300.00 6/17/2008 to Citizens for Shiller
  • $250.00 11/13/2007 to Citizens for Shiller
  • $300.00 2/9/2007 to Citizens for Shiller
  • $250.00 12/22/2006 to Citizens for Shiller
  • $200.00 7/8/2006 to Citizens for Shiller
  • $250.00 12/1/2004 to Citizens for Shiller
  • $5,000.00 1/31/2007 In-Kind Contribution to Richard M Daley Campaign Committee, Food for fund-raiser, Gibson's Bar & Steakhouse, 1028 North Rush Street
  • $1,000.00 11/25/2002 to Richard M Daley Campaign Committee
  • $1,500.00 11/15/2001 to Richard M Daley Campaign Committee


  1. does anyone know, is the Frank Martin Paris Jr. the President of the Maryville developer, any relation to the former Village President of River Forest?


  2. Mr. Paris, whose father, Frank Paris, is a suburban banker who served as village president of River Forest for 16 years, has shown a knack for financing deals in tough times: He landed a $50-million construction loan in summer 2008 for a 150-unit condo building in the South Loop


  3. It appears as though Sedgwick has difficulty paying bills to the small business contractors the firm contracts with. Interesting way to maintain liquidity in difficult times. What does this mean for new developments?

  4. Sedgwick Properties is a developer of top-quality condominium and apartment buildings in Chicago and Denver. Mr. Paris and Mr. Feeley will be with us to share the amazing growth story of starting the company in a spare bedroom in Marty’s flat on Sedgwick Street, to today’s standard of 140-200 unit buildings on Michigan Avenue, the South Loop and Wrigleyville. Messrs. Paris and Feeley will focus the conversation on how to build a real estate company from scratch, and share their experiences of transitioning into the real estate world from their previous lives as an accountant and an advertising executive. Along the way, they have formed a steadfast strategy for passing value to their consumers, and will share with us the ways in which small businesses can create value in a real estate product, and differentiate themselves in a crowded market. There is a maximum attendance of 25 people. Dinner will be served at no charge. I wonder how much of their firm has advanced by funding from unpaid $ owed to small business contractors #failure