Saturday, January 23, 2010

Scam Artists Going Door To Door (Again)

A heads up to your readers:

Last evening, two men had gained entrance into our building and were going door to door requesting cash donations for a youth program to get kids out of gangs. The program was aimed at getting gang kids jobs as paper carriers for the Tribune. These men were wearing what appeared to be Tribune/vendor credentials; however, they were unable to provide further evidence of their credibility, and refused to take anything but cash.

After numerous complaints of impolite behavior from these men, they were escorted out of the building, peacefully. While they may have been legitimate (and if they are, I wish them luck in a just cause - I would hope that they would use different tactics), I was able to hail down a CPD unit and make inquiries.

After discussing with the officer, she immediately considered them to be frauds and called in a description. I do not have further information on these men. The officer also stated that there have been numerous complaints regarding people soliciting funds for Haiti. All of these, the officer did confirm, were bogus.

She then stated that if a solicitor comes to your door, politely say "no thank you" and close your door. Then immediately call 911. This is especially good advice if you live in a multi-unit building. So, if you wouldn't mind letting your readers know that there are nefarious characters afoot hoping to get your cash through your sympathies, and that these people should not be engaged, directly. Call 911.


  1. Some young guy (maybe early 20's) came to our door as well on Magnolia a couple of weeks back using the line about giving jobs to young people delivering papers for The Tribune. I politely declined because the whole thing sounded a little fishy. Luckily, he wasn't impolite or threatening in any way. Be careful everyone.

  2. Complete fraud. Do not let these people into your building and call the police on sight. They are dangerous opportunists and criminals.

  3. The same guy has been telling me for years he needs money to take the metra, he just got a job out in the suburbs. Always in front of Jewel on Montrose.

  4. They are relentless and will keep trying to convince you until you finally give in unless you close your door or walk away from them. They really make a good case for you to donate money but that's what scam artists are known for. If you want to donate to help youth in Uptown, please do it through a reputable agency or non-profit.