Saturday, January 23, 2010

Election Double Takes

A reader writes in:
"Say WHAT? David Schroeder, a South Loop lawyer who travels to the 46th Ward to support Alderman Helen Shiller’s election campaigns is challenging an incumbent 5th District state rep, whom he claims is “an unproductive legislator” who is “failing to reach out to his constituents” until election time, does not show up to vote, and stays away on vacation at critical times for his elected position?
And yet Schroeder travels from another ward to our neighborhood to support Alderman Helen Shiller who does exactly the same thing?"

Read all about it at the Chicago Journal

UU Note: For old time's sake, scroll through our August 2009 archive (the month of the street riots) to see how responsive our vacationing Alderman was during her ward's time of need.


  1. Your facts are wrong. David Schroeder does not travel up to the north side to work on Helen Shiller's campaigns. He worked on Helen's campaign for alderman in 1987, when he lived in the 46th Ward.

  2. He may not even be a supporter of Helen anymore. He sent me a friend request on Facebook a while back and I noticed that he was already linked to James Cappleman.

  3. It looks to me like the info in the Uptown Update post come straight from the Chicago Journal.

    Why do you think that the Chicago Journal would print that David Schroeder worked for years on campaigns from Shiller's to Washingtons?

    How do you suppose that the Chicago Journal would even know that Schroeder worked as a Shiller campaign volunteer one time 20 years ago if the candidate or his campaign organization had not told that to the reporter? And why would Schroeder or the press emphasize that he supported Shiller if he has flipped on her and now supports her opponent? Or do you suppose that he simply Linked-In to Cappleman to get information about him, the opposition candidate, to help Shiller campaign against him? After all, why would Schroeder have a current interest in Cappleman, a 46th Ward candidate, if he has had no involvement in 46th Ward politics and campaigns for over 20 years? Something just doesn't add up.

    Either way, if you know info that changes the his Shiller-supporting image being portrayed in the Chicago Journal, you should post comments to the Chicago Journal online to correct or challenge their facts. Otherwise voters in that district might be mislead in their state rep race.

  4. I've met David Schroeder. Super nice guy. Works hard in the South Loop. Honest. Straight forward. Does a lot of good community work as a lawyer. We like him. :-)