Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Out Of The Ashes...

Update: A reader wrote to say, "The building at 1104 W. Argyle was brought into demolition court by the City on an emergency basis. When the owners produced evidence that they were serious about fixing the building, the Judge allowed them time to fully rehab it. They are back up in court on March 2 to monitor their progress. So far, I have no info about what is going into the storefronts. If I find something out, I will let you know."

Finally, it looks like something's happening at the site of the fire on Argyle that destroyed several stores during the summer of 2008. 

The helpful folks at Edgewater Community Buzz wrote to say: "I noticed from the Red Line train last night that it looks like they are working on the 2 (or more) stores on Argyle, just east of the El tracks, that were damaged by a fire some time ago. There is a bobcat-type piece of construction equipment in there clearing out the rubble. The roof is completely gone."

And another reader noticed that the gut rehab extended down to the former site of Sun Wah BBQ, which wasn't damaged by the fire:  "I'm wondering if you or any readers might know what the story is with the building on Argyle (between Broadway and the Red Line) that Sun-Wah BBQ just vacated. It seems like they are in the process of gut-rehabbing the whole building, but I was wondering if anyone knew if there were plans in the works for something new to open up there."

Readers, anyone know the plans for the building?  In any case, we're delighted to see something there besides burned-out storefronts.


  1. I'll have to check on my way home tonight, but I thought I saw a Moving Sale sign in the window of the store on the corner of the alley just west of the El. It's one of those overstuffed little shops that sells plants and china, so maybe they're moving to a bigger location.

  2. I believe the new store is around the corner on Broadway to the north. It looks really nice.

  3. gut rehab is a way overused and ununderstood term.

    the fire gutted the building,
    anyone on the el track could see that. The buildings or building is not much to speak of, a shell of a brick building one story.

    for the most part not much of the original structure will be there,

    i do think however that this a positive move forward for the neighborhood in general and look forward to the argyle stop being more than a super ghetto slum area.
    dont get me wrong, nice area, but the immediate surrounding area is in dire need of reinvestment.