Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Medical Clinic Coming To Sheridan?

A reader asked if we knew anything about a new medical clinic that may - or may not - be coming to 4830 N Sheridan, most well known around Uptown as the former future home of Labor Ready.

Here's what we know: The windows of it and the neighboring storefronts are papered over. There's a battered building permit dated August 2009 saying the permit is for "interior remodeling of interior vacant store to medical clinic."  There's another permit for construction-related sidewalk blockage between October 7 and November 5, 2009, which didn't happen.

So many questions... will this still happen?  Delayed or cancelled?  What kind of medical clinic?  And why spend the money to convert a storefront to a clinic when there's a turnkey medical clinic sitting empty, available for lease, just a couple doors south, at 4824 N Sheridan?  Enquiring minds want to know.

Update: A reader did some investigation--

We asked around today regarding the 4830 N. Sheridan rd. address. We asked both 46th Ward Alderman's office and Uptown United. Here is the information we found:

"The owner of the property & business is John Kim. You’ll see two business names associated with his business – “Dehan Total Therapy “or simply “Total Therapy & Medical Center.” He also has at least one suburban facility on Dempster in Morton Grove."

"I just called Dr. Kim the owner of the business. I did ask him EXACTLY what the clinic is planning to provide. He said the are a full service medical clinic. There are so many seniors in the area that he feels that he will be specializing in physical therapy, but there will be doctors on staff and be a full service medical service. I will check in when I have more information."

So, it is not going to be a methadone clinic and they own the property so they are going to use their own.


  1. Oh no, another medical clinic? I live on Gunnison and my neighbors and I were hoping this space would be something that we would actually use, like a cafe, restaurant or retail. Oh well, I guess if is providing a service to the community...

    This space has been such a pain in the arse for years, a really solid business there could make a positive change for that whole strip of Sheridan. Maybe potential tenants are turned off by the blood stains of the slain teenager in front?

  2. I wonder if it's going to be a meth clinic or something similar?

  3. i think it is slated to be a physical therapy site - along the lines of Athletico.

  4. I google'd the owner's name listed on the permit. John Kim. Its probably a fairly common name but there is a Dr. John Kim at Northwestern Memorial...but he's a plastic surgeon. ??