Thursday, January 28, 2010

January Means Campaign Finance Disclosure Time

Hours of fun for the whole family.  Check out how many times "consulting fees" are paid to law firms, which may or may not employ offspring, and how many out-of-area corporations make donations, compared with people who live in the ward.  Alderman Smith and Alderman Shiller's reports are linked here.  For more fun, read Mo' Money and Helen's Money ("Keeping Tabs On Who's Paying Hers").


  1. Why in the hell is MillerCoors giving Helen money?

  2. Well, I know why Circuit gave money but I can't understand why Jim Flint would give money.

    I won't go to Circuit ever after the owner telling me how great Shiller was.

  3. LOL It is her stimulys program for her voters...

  4. yo said...

    Why in the hell is MillerCoors giving Helen money?

    IrishPirate sayz:

    Look at their other contributions.

    Burke, Cullerton, Madigan et al.

    I'd guess someone more powerful suggested a nice donation to St. Helen.

    It must be nice to be a fully owned subsidiary of Daley Inc.

  5. A potentially explosive, game changer is brewing on the campaign finance front; You read more about it here: Complaint Strikes at Heart of Pay-to-Play

  6. Looks like the Miller Coors donation was well-placed:

    $24 Million in Subsidies to move Headquarters to Chicago

    Pay-to-Play, baby!

    Helen "No Corruption" Shiller - Your bitch for a small donation. Right, Peter Holsten?