Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fuzzy Math

A reader pointed us to Lake Effect News, with an article about the new Truman parking structure entitled:  "New Student Services Center Proceeds On Schedule And Under Budget."

Well, this brings up a few questions:

- "Under budget." Our reader points out: "The article says that the new Truman buildings are coming in $5 million under budget. Because of the recession, construction costs have gone down. Wasn't the reason given for jacking up the WY TIF because of rising construction costs? And there was no recession then."

- "On Schedule"?  Not according to the timeline set forth at the community meeting in March 2008, which claimed the parking garage would open in "Winter 09" - of course, there are still a couple days to get those cars in there, so maybe we judge too hastily.  (This was the same meeting where Ron Huberman claimed that the CTA was well aware that the Wilson station was a blight on the community, and it was CTA's highest priority to put retail on the 4600 block of Wilson.  So at least the lies were consistent, all across the board.)

The article also mentions the completion date as "October 2010" - again, not what the community was told at the meeting held for our benefit.

We can't wait for the construction of the so-economically-necessary fish farm to see what other lies we're fed.  Read the Lake Effect News article here.


  1. I admit, I'm not an avid news hound but the only place I've heard about this fish farm business is on UU.

    Can someone send me a link to what is proposed or clarify if this is just a running joke from a passing comment?

    Absolutely no sarcasm or debate starting here (I hate that statements like that need to be made here). I'm just looking for information.


  2. Not sure I understand why this was a priority in the first place?
    Given the crumbling infrastructure, 100 feet east?

  3. To be fair to Shiller, it's an "agroponics" center .. not wholly devoted to farming of fish.

    The plan is to meld "Green Acres" with "Finding Nemo" to provide fresh fruits, veggies and assorted gilled nummies to the kids.

    Which, of course, is pure crap.

    If anything, we're looking at the development of another vote-farm.

    Beyond that - in the LEN article, there seems to be some concern as to where to repatriate the "left over" $5M.

    Oh wait .. nevermind.