Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kiss Of Death?

A reader sends us this link and info:

"Ald. Shiller backs Preckwinkle, not Dorothy Brown.

Good time to work for Dorothy Brown because she’s positioned to win it."


  1. I sorta liked Preckwinkle...
    But...if she's Helen's pick...I'm reconsidering...

  2. I think Dorothy Brown will be more of the same.... Need fresh blood!

  3. One time I actually agree with Mount Saint Helen..... Preckwinkle is the better choice.

    Happy New Year Helen. Kiss kiss.

  4. I'd rather see Preckwinkle as Mayor.

  5. perckwickle is only a "better" choice - better being relative here... she is an architectural preservation disaster, was a 2016 olympics supporter and an important supporter of mismanagement that has been partly responsible in delivering us with the current disaster one might call "the city that [does not] work" - not that the other choices are any better...

  6. Don't forget the Green Party Candidate, Thomas Tresser. Tom was one of the founders of No Games Chicago.

  7. Didn't Brown have some issues with having her staff *cough* voluntarily "donate" to her various campaigns?

    Of course she did.

    Not to mention the curious canvassing work of social services recipients on her behalf.

    Preckwinkle's the "better" choice as far as the lesser of two evils is concerned; but, I still won't be voting for either of these two nitwits.

    Uneden is dead on - having Preck in the president's chair of the county is only going to be a further disaster.

    Shiller's endorsement validates that.

    The only real difference between Preck and Stroger is height.

  8. Schakowsky endorsed Preck, too, huh?

    I'm not familiar with Terry O'Brien, but I will be soon.

  9. Terry O'Brien is the President of the Water Reclamation District and the chief executive behind the recent (and badly botched) bond deal that cost taxpayers an extra $8 million. He also green lighted a wildly wasteful lawsuit against the MWRD's mag mile neighbor, which cost taxpayers another $1.3 million.

    When I questioned O'Brien at the recent IVI-IPO endorsement session about his questionnaire answer regarding double-dippers, let's just say his answer caused the room to fall silent. Needless to say, O'Brien did not get the IVI-IPO nod.

  10. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Just because Shiller is endorsing Preckwinkle doesn't mean Preckwinkle isn't the best of the bunch. Stroger has to go, and Brown has done a terrible job of running the Court Clerk's office. Preckwinkle kind of wins by process of elimination.

    The interesting question is, since Daley doesn't permit Helen too many of her own opinions any more, whether this is a hint that Daley will be endorsing Preckwinkle.

  11. *sigh*

    Another weak stock of candidates.

    No wonder the city/county/state are in such a mess.

  12. how has Brown messed up the Clerk of Court?

    Just curious.

  13. One of the main jobs of the court clerk is to make sure all court documents end up in the right case files, and the case files end up in the right court room on the right court date. The number of missing files and lost documents has been really, really bad for years, with no sign of improvement.

    Also, most big court systems have created an electronic system that lets people view court documents online. Even though that's becoming the standard for court clerk's offices, she has made no real progress toward that goal.

    So from a performance standard she really can't claim she's been a successful clerk. Which raises the question of how she'll be a better county board chair.

    I know there have also been ethical concerns about her fundraising but, at this point, I'll take crooks if they can at least be effective.