Saturday, December 26, 2009

Flooding Problems

A reader sent in this photo of the flooded conditions on the 900 block of Sunnyside, where the water on Christmas morning was so deep that it rose over the curb by a good 18 inches, and cars are unable to park due to the deep water.  It's scary to think what effect the freezing temperatures and incoming snow will have on the already flooded streets.


  1. if this part of Sunnyside had scheduled street cleanings this might not happen. Then again it might.

  2. When I was out shoveling a couple days ago, I noticed that the ice had formed a nice little protective shell over the sewer grate in front of my neighbors' home. I used my shovel to break up the ice and clear away the muck. It was like pulling the plug on the water that had built up along the curb, and it made most of it drain away immediately.

    I don't know if Sunnyside is a tree-lined street, but I wonder if there are leaves and branches clogging up the sewer grate and preventing drainage.

  3. I live on this block and this is not a rare occurrence.

    I hoped when they redid the sewers and curbs at the intersections along Hazel that they would do the same along Sunnyside (as they have along Agatite) No such luck. There was no flooding at Hazel, where the street had been flattened, or west of the alley where the street is flatter.

    I don't doubt that leaves and ice are contributors, but only slightly. This isn't the only treelined street.

  4. This part of Sunnyside does have scheduled street cleanings - the third tuesday and wednesday of every month. I work from home and see them out on these dates.

    It doesn't apply, however, to holidays and days when there is snow on the ground.


    Street sweeping signs posted on your block are enforced from April 1st to November 30th, weather permitting.

    Month Dates
    April 22 & 28
    May 26 & 27
    June 23 & 24
    July 22 & 28
    August 25 & 26
    NSeptember 22 & 23
    October 27 & 28
    November 24 & 25