Friday, December 25, 2009

Deck Those Halls - Day Twelve

Again - the 4600 block of Magnolia shows off its stuff.  Again - penguins!  And reindeer, and angels, and candy canes, and lights.


  1. Attention all thugs and criminals.....though showing holiday spirit, doesn't produce any concrete revenue.....give it up in 2010 and contribute in a positive way! Karma will reward you.

  2. I was just out walking with Santa and Magnolia is probably the best decorated street in Uptown.

    Santa likes to wind down after his worldwide journey and about every third year or so he stops off here.

    Leaves the reindeer hidden over by the bird sanctuary and then we walk around drinking eggnog as he unwinds.

    He needs to watch out for those overly loud "Ho Ho Ho's" though.

    We almost got run over near Sheridan at Leland when he let out a big roar a hours ago. The working girls love the fat man in a red suit.

    Merry Xmas everyone and a Happy New Year.