Thursday, December 10, 2009

Deep Freeze Tips

  • In this brutal weather, please keep an eye out for anyone sleeping outside and call 311. Shelter beds were still available last night! City services will come out and try to talk the person into sleeping inside, and at the very least will try to talk them into a warming van for a bit. Don't forget about the warming centers, one of which is at 4740 Sheridan.
  • If you want to know exactly what's going on with the weather in Uptown, don't forget Pete's Weather, coming to you from Kenmore and Lawrence.
  • Another new development with the parking ticket machines: they freeze up in extreme weather. Call the number on them if you can't get them to work to avoid getting a ticket.
  • If you're shoveling, lots of layers are better than one heavy layer, don't drink before you go out there, and wear a hat. We now return the blog to the bloggers, and away from your mother.


  1. They can also go to a police station and the police will take them to PGM, which has a lot of room.

  2. Mr.Newbie said...
    They can also go to a police station and the police will take them to PGM, which has a lot of room.

    No they will not. They sleep on stairs and wait for van to show up 3 hours later.

  3. I can confirm that the pay boxes do freeze! Tried to pay for an hour in Andersonville this evening and couldn't get the max time, $1 or .25¢ buttons to budge at all.

    I was thinking last night... when it's snowing/raining out and your windshield gets all crusty with ice, what do the ticket people intend on doing... scraping everyone's windshield clean to make sure you paid your $1??

  4. Ynot.......they certainly can go to a police station or 'warming' center, from what I understand.
    A lot of people refuse help, for various reasons. Should this not be the focus of the 46th Ward office?

  5. Hey Starck Mad, I was talking about Police taking them to PGM. They will not take you there.
    Just letting people know so they dont send them to Police to stay warm.

    They will call Human Sevices or what ever they call it now and a van will show up in 1-8 hours.
    Been there done that. And you will sit on stairs waiting.

    And yes you are 100% right about ppl not wanting help.

  6. Michael- They most certainly will scrape off your window to see if you paid- I've watched them do this- AND I've been ticketed by them.

  7. ynot - I think Stark meant the homeless refuse the help. Not that people refuse to help the homeless.

    Yeah, I know, that is also sometimes true. Just clarifying statements.