Sunday, December 20, 2009

Da Soul?

Ah, Chicago.  Only in a city that refers to its football team as "Da Bears" can you find next-door neighbors called "Straight 2 Da Point" and "Da Spot," on the 4600 block of Broadway (not to be confused with "The Spot" restaurant, still located next to the Tattoo Factory on the 4400 block of Broadway).

But what intrigues us is the note in the window of Da Spot's former home, just up the street at 4645 North Broadway.  A soul food restaurant?  In Uptown?  We know we shouldn't get our hopes up, but could this be the long-rumored soul food restaurant that the owners of Kuma's Corner have been talking about for a while now?  We can only hope.


  1. There is no way I would get a tattoo from a place that says "Tatoos" in the window.

  2. I wouldn't want to get a tattoo at a place that spells it "tattoo's".

    Just sayin...

  3. !!!What I love about the restaurant announcement are all the bonus punctuations!!!