Monday, November 30, 2009

Stabbing At Clark & Wilson Walgreens

A reader sends in the following pics and writes:
"Multiple puddles of blood outside the Wilson/Clark Walgreens Sunday evening around 7:30 PM. Checkout clerk very nonchalantly replied there had been a stabbing about two hours earlier! Another Walgreens employee pointed out some 'man guts' on the pavement. Aside from being unsanitary the whole scene was fairly disgusting and disturbing, on so many levels."


  1. This was more than a simple cut. The victim a hispanic male had penetrating trauma on his right side below his armpit and was bleeding heavily. CFD rushed him to Masonic Hospitals Trauma Center with life threatening injuries (a possible arterial bleed). I know someone in Masonics ER told me he should pull threw.

  2. disturbing. very disturbing.

    the Walgreen's is walking distance from my house.. and sadly, i wouldn't EVER go there at night.

  3. Ellen, do you know something the rest of us don't? I've been to this strip mall many times after sunset (esp. when Blockbuster was there and I wanted to rent a movie for the evening) and never encountered any "negatives" other than the occasional beggar. The Streetwise, etc. people always display their license and have never harassed me. I'm very shocked and disturbed at this incident, but will not take it as an incentive not to shop there.

  4. I'm fairly new to the neighborhood
    but i guess first impressions are lasting. It seems every time I'm over there I'm begged for money and harassed by weird people in the parking lot.

    It doesn't completely deter me from going there, just late at night..

  5. The person "begging" for money is very friendly and polite. He does not beg. He has a license and is distributing copies of Streetwise.

    I have no problem with this and wish that other areas of Uptown had beggars that were this considerate, courteous and respectful.

    My guess is that this guy by not asking for money but saying hello and goodbye to everyone that walks in and out of the Walgreen's allows him to collect more money.

    I have never felt unsafe or threatened at this intersection.

    Crime can happen anywhere. This is the first violent act I have ever heard of at this intersection. When violent crimes occur at the same address over and over then I get worried. There are plenty more dangerous areas in the neighborhood then this place.

  6. Ok, good, because I live right around there too, and have never had a problem! I don't make a habit of hanging out anywhere in Chicago late at night (let alone Uptown), but I've gone to Walgreens around 7-8ish and never worried.

  7. A local cab driver, who was parked at the Walgreens this noon, told me that an incident occurred at this Walgreens parking lot last night at 9:00 p.m. also. At that time, the police had yellow crime scene tape roping off most of the lot and many patrol cars were parked there. The cab drivers and others were prevented from entering the area.

    So much for the theory that nothing ever happens at that location if there were TWO incidents in there in the past 12 hours.

    I'm one of the fools who stood out there at 5:30 a.m. for Staples Black Friday deals for each of the past 4 years. So, this might change my mind about next year.

  8. I've always felt 10 x's safer and less harassed the closer I am to clark st.

    In fact just 1 block west and their are ZERO vagrants/bangers/drug markets/loitering/prostitution/open air dumpster bathroom use/drinking in public/Garbage/Man-down/broken bottles.....

    Yeah it is much different! Markedly different, like the difference between East and West Berlin.

  9. Has anyone read a print story on this yet? What about a TV report? I'm still looking for details. Thank you!

  10. I've lived within two blocks of there for about 14 years now, and have never heard of an incident like this / felt unsafe at that intersection.

    (Even back in the day when I didn't always feel safe walking down Montrose from Dover to the brownline)

    This is an example of "It can happen anywhere"

    If we see repeated incidents, this could be a bad sign, but it would suprise me.

  11. "I have no problem with this and wish that other areas of Uptown had beggars that were this considerate, courteous and respectful."

    Interesting. I've been at this Walgreens and have been approached by beggars...actually begging, and that did not have Streetwise ID, or were not even selling Streetwise. You may not have a problem with beggars and peddlers, but I'm sure most of the community does. really is a good example of "it can happen anywhere". Lets hope it was just an isolated incident...but seeing the way things have been going in never know where the next stabbing/shooting will occur.

  12. stabbings seem to be the new thing, we had one at Berwyn and Winthrop a month ago, he did not survive.

    I still go to that Walgreens, does this bullet proof vest make me look fat?

  13. Dear Lord, In this Thanksgiving season, let us give thanks to the CHA's Plan for Transformation, for the CHA Plan has truly transformed our community. The relocation of Cabrini Green's Black P-Stones into Uptown's CHA scattered site housing units started this gang turf war with the Gangster Disciples and Latin Kings, which has spread the crimson colors of the season across our sidewalks, kept our ambulance crews gainfully employed,and made developer Peter Holsten's Cabrini Green townhouse sales so much more profitable for him.

    Lord give us nimble feet,fast dives, and good luck lest we stray into the path of poorly aimed bullets. And let us not bring our children to the parks, lest they be fodder for the kill.

    And, Dear Lord, let us not forget those words of our self-proclaimed St Helen Shiller, "If you don't like it, just move."

    Deliver us from evil.

  14. Do we have any updates on this story?

    What was the victim's relationship to the attacker?

  15. this is the same guy who stabbed that guy on magnolia. who died last week. Tragic