Tuesday, November 10, 2009

At What Point Is It An Onslaught?

...and at that point, can I ask for more?

Read "Over 90 Percent of Daley's Property Taxes Go Towards TIF" by Angela Caputo


  1. I followed a link in that article to the Clerk's TIF calculator and put in my PIN.

    P*ss me off - 71% of my property taxes go to Wilson Yard?!?

    Here's the link to find out what % of your property tax bill goes to TIFs. This should be prominently posted on the top of UU. Completely absurd that 71% of anything goes to basically a single development.


  2. Great article. Very persuasive, I'm going to share it with everyone I can.

  3. Thanks to UU for posting this! While this article makes my blood boil, UU has the readership to keep this story alive! Daley & Co. are thieves!

  4. The correct link to find out if your property taxes are pouring into a TIF is www.cookctyclerk.com.

    Go to TIF, enter your PIN, find out where your tax money is really going.

  5. About 70% of my property taxes aren't going to the City's general operating budget.

    Does anyone know what percentage of the City's operating budget, outside a TIF, should go to:
    - Schools
    - Parks
    - Cook County general operations

    Because of the TIF, looks like
    - Schools get 16% of my taxes
    - Parks get 2%
    - CC general operations get 2.7%

    Daley loves saying, "The money from these TIFs goes to pay for schools and park..blah, blah, blah." While the real truth is hidden behind his TIF smoke-&-mirrors.

  6. "The money from these TIFs goes to pay for schools and park..blah, blah, blah."

    Per our local official, money does go to local schools.

    From the $54M Uplift got a whopping $350k.

    That's an impressive 0.006%

    Then again, the state gave the same amount of money to Uplift, so who really knows?

  7. rule of thumb: about 1/2 of a normal (outside a TIF) property tax bill goes to our schools

  8. "...71% of my property taxes go to Wilson Yard..."

    which means that approx 1/2 of 29% = just 14.5% of your hard earned cash is going to our schools