Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where Am I Located?

A "Yeehaw!" to the first reader who can correctly identify where this cowboy or cowgirl left the hat and boot.


  1. You are correct, Wanderer! A big Uptown "Yeehaw!" to you.

    Found an interesting article on Carol's history, describing it as "Chicago's last honky tonk." Read it here.

    And now a question that really goes back into the wayback machine--

    The article says that "Carol's Pub opened in 1973 by Ted Harris. When he passed on in 1993, his wife Carol took over, renamed the place and has kept it going strong ever since." Anyone know what the previous name of Carol's was? We don't... enlighten us.

  2. Carol's: The alcoholickest bar on the north side! Pitchers of beer for $5 on Monday? My wallet rejoices as fervently as my liver cringes.