Thursday, October 15, 2009

Howard Brown Health Center

Did you know that Howard Brown Health Center offers many free and low cost services right here in Uptown?

There's a walk-in clinic at 4025 N. Sheridan Road that offers free & low-cost STD testing and treatment almost every single day of the week. Please click the link for a list of times and locations, including another location that's designated to help youth ages 12-24.

HBHC offers "It's A Bitch To Quit" - a smoking cessation program geared towards the LGBT Community with sliding scale program fees based on your income.

HBHC also offers primary care medical services on a sliding scale for those who are eligible.


  1. Also of note the Sheridan location houses a very convenient Walgreens Express. You do not need to be a patient of HB to visit.

  2. Maybe this is a silly question but can 'straight' people use their services, too? I'd assume they wouldn't discriminate but I just want to make sure!