Thursday, October 1, 2009

No More Tilt?

We spotted construction equipment in the parking lot of Dib and International Cleaners recently. Is this parking lot at Lawrence and Kenmore finally getting the needed repairs?


  1. And the repair was still sub par.

    I can't believe in a City like Chicago they would allow the shotty work.

    It should have a gradual slope not a major one.

  2. The repair work is not yet complete - they are first working on a drainage issue, then the parking lot will be filled in as needed.

  3. I think this area is part of Mary Ann Smith's ward. We're also getting 45 blocks of streets repaved in the 48th ward. Shiller could be doing the same for her ward..

  4. I stand my statement there still is too much of slope, sure they will fill in where dug up, but the whole parking lot needs filled in and brought up a few inches.