Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hungry Like The Wolf? Check Out "Fame da Lupo"

A reader sends in the following:
"I just noticed a flyer on my front door for "Fame da Lupo" Pizza Restaurant I've seen featured on your site. Looks like it is now open for business. They have a website with all the info and an online menu. Call ahead to double check, but looks like it's a go!"

UU Note: Since "Fame da Lupo" roughly translated means "hunger of the wolf," we present you this....just because we can.


  1. My fiance and I got a pizza from Fame da Lupo last night, and it was great. My fiance was walking by the place last night and noticed there were employees inside. He popped in to ask if they were open yet, and while they were not officially open, they still offered to make him whatever he wanted. Apparently they were extremely nice, and the pizza was really good. I would definitely recommend stopping in!

  2. Oh yes..! I've been waiting for months for them to open! Will definitely be ordering this weekend!

  3. We went there last night...yummy pepperoni pizza! Sadly no tiramisu yet, being their first day opening. I guess we'll just have to go back!

  4. Welcome to the neighborhood!

    I still also enjoy Godfathers. Let's not forget them too. More pizza for everyone.

  5. Just wanted to say this place is AWESOME! Just had it last night.