Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dominick's Effect

A reader posted on UU's Facebook page: "Just learned that the Dominick's at Foster and Sheridan is scheduled to close on October 23rd with demolition scheduled soon after. I'll be there with a bottle of champagne when the wrecking ball takes its first whack if anyone cares to join me." So say "so long" for a year or so and get ready for a new flagship Dominick's -- click here to see renderings of its proposed new look.


  1. I wonder how many rats are going to lose their home when they tear down the supermarket?

  2. New retail being built with no low income housing crammed in it? Appalling!!!!


    Oh that's right, this isn't located in the 46th Ward.

  3. Wow! The last time I went in there they had stopped re-stocking the store so there was a LOT of empty shelving space. It was almost a little bit depressing.

    I'm glad that in a year from now we'll have a nice, new store!

  4. Sop excited. This has been a long time in the making. A Dominick's lifestyle store...finally!