Friday, October 23, 2009

Cafe Too On "Check, Please" Tonight

We love Cafe Too for many reasons, including the fact that they give cold, damp Positive Loiterers free coffee and tea because they support the community and want to help those who want to help. So we're delighted that this evening, all of Chicago can discover this Uptown gem:

"Our own Cafe Too Restaurant will be featured on Check, Please! tonight, Friday, October 23 at 8pm. Join us in celebrating Cafe Too's featured review by tuning in to Channel 11! If you aren't able to catch the live program, please visit the Check, Please! website, where they will post the clip soon after! Dine Well and Do Good! Enjoy delicious food and a great atmosphere at Cafe Too! To make your reservation, call 773-275-0626."


  1. much deserved recognition! i love cafe too!

  2. I love Cafe too as well. This is their second time around on Check Please. They filmed an episode a few years ago but one of the other restaurants that was reviewed went our of business and it is their policy not to air the episode if that happends. Cafe Too and its employees are wonderful in so many ways and I hope that they experience the famous "Check Please Effect" tenfold!

  3. Go Cafe Too! My wife was actually interviewed to be on the show with Cafe Too as her restaurant, but she didn't make it. I think she'll be happy the restaurant did though, good for them.