Monday, September 7, 2009

Volunteer Opportunity: Clean Up The Montrose Beach Dunes

REI is sponsoring a clean-up of the Montrose Beach Dunes as part of its Adopt A Beach project.  All materials and information found will be included in a report on the condition of the Great Lakes.  Breakfast, a t-shirt and a sense of satisfaction are your rewards.  If you'd like to be part of the project, which takes place on Saturday, September 19, at 9am, click here for more information.  Registration is required and spots are limited.

(photo courtesy of zuctronic on Flickr)


  1. No offense to anyone, but aren't our taxes supposed to pay for this service? Maybe if we weren't paying construction costs of $400,000.00+ per unit of low income housing at Wilson Yard, the city could afford to actually create the jobs necessary to clean the beach.

  2. Whether you pay taxes or make direct contributions with your time to the upkeep of the community, the effects are the same. An effort to maintain a preservation area should be commended. Similar efforts maintain wilderness/preservation areas around the world.

    Please don't tie the well meaning efforts of others to the angst many of us feel about the WY TIF.

    My only question is if the mutt is welcome?

    And before Barry starts whining, my dog pees in Clarendon Park, makes friends with folks less fortunate than us and love the diversity of people and creatures in our neighborhood.

  3. I agree and its the taxes I pay that is suppose to keep the park and lake front areas clean. Why don`t they do as the forest preserves do. Bus load Cook County Prison residents in. I see this being done every weekend when I go fishing at the near by Cook County Forest preserves.....

  4. Environmentally-related things (maintenance of public space) often get short shrift. I am sure that, regrettably, any saved $ will find its way to another dubious project.

    Be that as it may, the Montrose Dunes also has a native plant restoration project and has gradually become an improved habitat for various wildlife. Kind of cool to have that so close to us - a couple years ago it was designated as an Illinois Natural Areas Inventory site, first Chicago Park District site to be designated as such.

    During warmer months, there are monthly volunteer days to work in the birding area and also on the dunes.

  5. I have found that I always feel really good after doing something for my community. While I completely understand that it is really easy to fall into a pit of negativity around here, don't ever make that the prevailing sentiment between of you and your neighborhood. We're all better than that.

    Whether you are interested in this particular opportunity or not, please consider selflessly donating some of your time to a local community cause. You're bound to feel better and you just might make a difference!

    I know that sounded like a "special after school message" but this place just feels so down in the dumps lately and I felt like the obvious needed to be stated.

    Keep your chin UP, Uptown!