Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meanwhile, Around The Sheridan L Stop...

A reader sends in the following pics and info:
"Two nice developments. The Ace Hardware store on Sheridan just south of Irving expanded into the Jewelery store (above) that used to be on the corner with a very nice paint section. Looks very pro, especially compared to the rest of the store.

Also, there were a trio of restaurants on that same block, a Sushi place, a Pizza place, and another restaurant that is no longer there. Anyway, that location is now being replaced with a Crepe shop (below), which is very exciting."


  1. good the way, the Pizza place (Pizza Rustica) makes a very good pizza.

    the sushi's not bad either. both BYOB

  2. The hardware store might not look like much, but it's a well run little business with very helpful employees and an impressive inventory. I've been shopping there about 10 years, and the employees have never failed to ask if they can help me find something.

  3. Everyone at that Ace Hardware is so friendly and helpful. Thank you to the owner and staff for helping me with all my botched home repairs.

  4. I have been in the Hardware store before and I must agree they where nice and helpful. Business comes when it is invited. It will stay where it`s appreciated.

  5. I agree! The staff at the Ace is great, and everytime I've needed something, its been in stock. Plus, they're dog-friendly, so its easy to pick stuff up when walking the dog, and he loves the biscuits!

  6. This is great! But I have to wonder.....why can't this happen "around the WILSON L stop..."
    Why does so much, north of Montrose (along Broadway or Sheridan) have to be shall I say.....GRIM?
    Why must the Montrose-to-Lawrence strip, for the most part, be so awful.

    Unlikely as it seems, I wouldn't think twice about having a picnic at the corner of Irving and Broadway at midnight.......but Wilson and Broadway??? Only in an armored Brinks truck.

  7. Just to add.....the closer you get on the map to the 46th Ward office (like a swirling black hole)....the worse it gets.
    I guess I answered my own question.

    Positive change has to happen sooner or later.

  8. I would like to thank Uptown Update for their continuing efforts in promoting local businesses. As it turns out, I am about to start a painting project in my place this month. I use Benjamin Moore paint, and because of your website, I found out I can now buy it in the community. I save time, and a local business makes an additional sale. A win-win.

    By the way, I looked at an apartment across the street from this Ace Hardware 11 years ago (around where the Supermercado used to be, for those with long memories). I saw a drug deal happening on the front steps at 2 in the afternoon, and did not take the apartment. Now this an incredible neighborhood. Change is happening. Sometimes it takes time, and sometimes it faces setbacks, but it is coming. And not even a terrible Alderman and her cast of crazies can stop it.

  9. Below is what WAMA is trying to do around the Wilson 'L' stop:
    Uptown neighbors,
    WAMA, the Wilson Area Merchants Association (, will be hosting a ‘Meet and Greet’ on Sunday, October 18th from 5pm-7pm at Fontana Grill located at 1329 W. Wilson Ave. in Uptown.
    We encourage members and non-members, as well as residents, to attend this event. Our goal is to enlighten and educate the community on exactly what WAMA is doing to support the community. Board members will be discussing business development, beautification, community events and much more. We welcome any and all feedback as we are a growing association and need input.
    Below are just a mere few of the questions we are asking ourselves:
    What can WAMA do to bring new businesses, while maintaining existing businesses, to the community?
    What can WAMA do to work with city contractors to provide reasonable bids for community improvement?
    What can WAMA do to work with local developers to negotiate long-term and reasonable leases?
    How and where can WAMA host future events/fundraisers to raise the monies needed to make small and largecommunity improvements?
    WAMA will definitely be bringing some answers and additional ideas to the table. Please make a list of questions or talking points that you would like to present at the Meet and Greet.
    Donations are always welcome!!
    Remember too, Fontana Bar and Grill has a great wine bar and incredible food. They will be offering a Special Price Happy Hour for all attendees. You may also order appetizers or entrees either during the meet and greet or stay and dine afterwords. The options are endless. This will be a great way to show your support to a local business too.

    We look forward to seeing you,
    The WAMA Team

  10. I believe that Helen has promised the good folks south of Irving (read "Gay Leadership")to keep the scum, er I mean drug dealers, gang bangers, pimps and hos north of Montrose for their endorsements. Anyone here believe she didn't seek and won't be using the the Truman addition to court the gay vote?