Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Legend Of The Northside

By Eve M. Kahn
Traditional Building
Unverifiable legends persist about the Uptown Broadway Building on Chicago’s North Side. Al Capone allegedly built the place and ran a speakeasy in its basement, which extends deep below the Broadway sidewalks. But the truths about the Uptown Broadway are as interesting as the tales.
The Spanish Baroque 1926 building is engulfed in terra cotta depicting rams, musical instruments, military trophies, garlands, volutes, Medusas, fruit, fringed curtains and tasseled ropes. The roofline bristles with urns and Poseidons, and the building’s triangular footprint, which backs onto the Red Line elevated tracks, narrows to an improbable 9-in.-wide point. Continue Reading


  1. A real beauty of a building. I am glad it has been saved and as I say, the good old days are gone but with buildings like this they still bring back the memories each time they are viewed........

  2. I would love to see the Uptown Theater receive the same treatment!

  3. Our office received a real estate flyer on the building. The Retail South unit shows it has been leased but no details on the Tenant were included...

  4. I love the fantastically ornate facade of this building and was very happy that is was renovated.

    Too many times, architectural gems like this are just torn down because of the costs associated with renewing older building back to there former glory.

    For example, many of Louis Sullivan's building were torn down years ago to put up boxy 50's & 60's office eyesores that it's a good thing people are now seeing the light.

    We can't recreate these gems anymore, we need to save them.
    Hopefully, Uptown Theater isn't far behind.

  5. The tenant in the retail south is an Apartment finding service that has roots in Uptown. I have left the obligation to them to publish their new space and place new signs in the window while final build out is being performed.

    In the meantime, we have new tenants moving in October 1st in the new 3rd Floor Office suites - UBBOS.com
    full website will be available soon.