Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Home Invasions Abound : Take Precautions

Sorry to pile on the bad news, but readers are reporting quite a few home invasions in the past week. They mostly happen at night, when people are home sleeping, but we've also heard from friends who were robbed during the day... again, while people were at home. Luckily, we haven't heard of any close encounters between residents and burglars.
  • Near Sunnyside and Beacon, burglars entered Sunday morning between 2am and 10am, while the residents slept.

  • Another one early Friday morning, in the 4400 block of Beacon, while the residents were home.

  • Last Friday, burglars entered at two-flat near Foster and Wayne during the afternoon and burgled one unit while residents in the other unit were home.

One victim says: "The police arrived quickly after I reported the incident. He looked around the alleys to see if the intruders had dropped off any of the items they did not want. We looked in several dumpsters, but did not come up with anything. A second policeman came over about 30 minutes later to check for fingerprints, but was not very successful. He said this was very similar to other robberies which had occurred recently in the neighborhood, so he suspected it was the same burglars."

Be sure to lock your doors and windows, especially at night, and use your alarm system, even if you're home. If you see anything or anyone suspicious, call 911. We want to get these guys out of the neighborhood and into custody as soon as possible.


  1. They are not really robbing, they are reallocating Uptown resources

  2. Uptown Superhero!,

    That sounds like the definition of a TIF.

  3. I reported what looked like a burglary yesterday, at about 5:45pm on malden between wilson and sunnyside in a garden unit. Can anyone confirm that this was in fact a burglary?

  4. First of all, Uptown Superhero - LOL! Secondly, my downstairs neighbor did awaken while being robbed at 3 am a few weeks back. Fortunately, he took off instead of hitting her over the head. Please be extra careful, folks.

  5. If someone enters your home, you have the right to take your own actions. Just make sure it happens over your threshold and make sure their hands are not raised in the air.

  6. In the unlikely event any burglarizing scum are reading this I would like to invite you to enter and rob my residence.

    I will introduce you to Mister Shotgun.

    Mister Shotgun is registered in Chicago and is kept in a safe in my bedroom. As is my girlfriend now that I think about it.

    Anyway, anyone stupid and crazy enough to enter a residence when they know someone is home needs to be dealt with quickly.

    Most burglars attempt to do their dirty work when residences are empty. These guys are either going to hurt someone or get hurt themselves. Preferably the latter.

    Now the ideal situation is that God strikes them dead. Unlikely.

    The next ideal situation is the cops catch them in the act. Unfortunately, that takes some luck and possibly more cops.

    Finally, my personal favorite is they enter my place and the last thing they hear is the sound of Whiskey your the Devil..........

    Of course there is the post shooting cleanup. That's why God created bleach and rubber gloves.

  7. Good post on Home Invasions, in all my years of living in Uptown the 2 things that has changed for the worse is shootings and burglaries.

    I heard of a very disturbing home invasion on June 18th on the 4600 Block of Dover Street. The owners were at home, asleep in their bed when it happened (4am) and they think there were at least 2 burglars. The burglar(s) crawled into their condo through a kitchen window in their 1st story unit. The husband said he woke up and was assaulted by one of them and after a struggle he chased him out of the condo and down the block past Carol's pub! The owner managed to get photos of the burglar from Carol's pub's 2 cameras on Leland and Clark (hooray!)....I am starting to think we need to post cameras in every alley and street. Lots of neighbors love that idea, but not too many want to fork over any money or actually do any work..Thank god the owners (their young child) were not hurt!!

  8. I wish they'd reallocate my stuff back where it belongs...

    Make sure you double check your windows and doors on the lower levels. check basement windows as well, especially where dryers may be vented out.

    lastly, a gentle reminder to get renter's insurance and keep updated info (serial numbers) and pics of what you own that you'd want replaced.

    be safe out there uptowners.

  9. I was sitting here at home watching football this afternoon when 2 young male individuals walked onto my porch and began looking into the door window and front window. It was dark inside and they did not see me until I started approaching the door at which point they knocked.

    When I opened the door, one individual pulled a piece of paper from his pocket with a bad xeroxed image of a basketball league logo. The two individuals requested money for uniforms as they backed off the porch. I declined and they got onto their bmx bikes and rode off.

    I noticed they rode without stopping at other homes. It seemed very suspicious, and I called 311 since there have been several brea