Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gang Tags On Cuyler Need To Be Removed Pronto

A reader sends in the following pic and info:
"I took this picture in the Alley off the 900 block of Cuyler Ave. [Update: Call it in as "the alley behind 940 W. Cuyler"]. I have called 311 twice so far to have this removed ASAP. I have expressed that there is no doubt it is gang related. I had thought gang tags were supposed to be removed within two days of the call. But it has been present for over a week at this point. It is very frustrating because as many people know getting rid of gang tags right away sends a clear message that the gang members do not "rule" the area. But it appears that the City of Chicago is content to allow this calling card to stay put. I have considered buying some white paint to just cover it up but with my luck I would be the one with legal trouble because of it. So we continue to wait. I would call the 46th ward office but they are so busy spending time fighting crime already....all of us on Cuyler are also well aware 'This is not our college campus!' "

Update: Apparently the gang punks have been busy. These two buildings on Kenmore (4070 and 4208) have also been defaced.
Please give Graffiti Blasters a call and report them (the buildings' residents have, but no action yet). As has been noted in the comments, the faster gang tags go away, the better it is for the entire neighborhood. Calling 311/Graffiti Blasters is an easy and quick way to fight back.


  1. I've seen more Latin Kings tags as well in the 'hood.
    This appears to be another gang calling out the kings- but I may be wrong.
    Any help??

  2. When I attended my CAPS meeting a few weeks ago, a rep from the Alderman's office stated that they could and would be happy to assist with the Graf Blasters and that WAS the job of the Alderman's office, after explaining to me that the Alderman's job was not crime fighting when I directly asked what the Alderman's job was.
    I was confused about the response (or my interpretation of it) at the time, but here is clearly an example of how we are getting unsatisfactory service from the city in the 46th and a perfectly valid reason to get the alderman involved.

    While a better solution would be to get enough police on the streets to help off of us all prevent this type of anti-social behavior, I hope we all agree that when grafitti goes up, it needs to come down right away - Period.

    Also, have you contacted the buidling owner / manager?

  3. Oh we have all sorts of nice youg fellers in Uptown- however Im not up on the tags anymore 'cause they change- but this may help:

    Conservative Vice Lords
    Wilson to Montrose and Clarendon to Broadway "Uptown Lawds"

    Conservative Vice Lords & Traveling Vice Lords
    Leland & Magnolia

    Black P Stones
    Wilson & Magnolia

    Imperial Insane Vice Lords
    Leland & Beacon

    Gangsta Disciples
    Sheridan Road and Leland to Lawrence - "Uptown Gangsters"

    Gangsta Disciples
    Lawrence & Winthrop -"4848"

  4. Is this not Helen Shiller`s new gangs beautification program for the neighborhood.......

  5. Im sure is does not need to said but this needs to come down post haste!
    This graffiti is like a gang's calling card- if left up then they think they have a hold on the 'hood.
    It's also dangerous if left up 'cause another gang could see it and consider it a direct challenge.
    Stupid that the fine youth of Uptown behave in this way- but it's also dangerous if we ignore it.
    Perhaps we should have some sort of painting party?
    Hey just an idea- positive loitering/painting to cover up these damn tags.

  6. Don't you just love paying those high taxes in property, luxury, and food? Now, you have to fight your own crime and cover up your own gang tags? At what point is our City officials and our Mayor going to realize that they are driving Chicagoans out of Chicago in order to cut-back on costs, under deliver on services, all in the hopes to host the Olympics? I hope you all remember this great leadership at the voting booth! (Frustrated)

  7. Do you have an exact address? I will call it in as well. We called in graffiti on a couple of occasions with response times under a week.

  8. I have found this CPD liason a pretty good guy that cares... contact him...

    Marty Cook
    Chicago Police Department
    AREA 3 CAPS Implementation Office
    Voice Mail (312) 742-0963

  9. Look you fools, you can't have it all. Helen and her minions, the CDC, ONE, have all said..."WE want a $54MM fish farm and some parking."

  10. Thanks for the breakdown NASH...I've recently noticed the tag "KOS" in at least 3 places and the City actually showed up (within 5 days) to blast it off. It's an absolute shame that anyone would tag anything let alone the stone facade of a building.

  11. Uplift spent good money teaching these aspiring artists how to create grafitti do you not expect them to demonstrate their skills?

  12. Although the building's not technically in the 46th Ward, does anyone know more about the regular tagging of the Vis Vitae building at Leland and Clark? It's the building that is supposed to have the new Chava A Cafe and Blue Ocean restaurant opening soon. It's always being tagged, and then scrubbed down. It's depressing to see it happening on a new building, whichever ward it's in. But they (condo manager? Graffitti Busters?) always seem to take the graffitti down pronto.

  13. Such mindless disregard.....where are these fine young men buying the spray paint, since it's not for sale in the city proper.
    'Tagging' is such a stupid, cheesey thing to do. No more noble than a poodle pissing on a stump.

    On another a separate post, YO mentioned Helen's boyfriend owns Leona's restaurants?!
    If so...I just can't eat there again.

  14. whats the best way to washe the graffitti

  15. Starck, rumor has it that Helen used to see Sam Toia, a member of the family who owns Leona's. He, of course, lives in the Lakeview part of the ward.

    What The, the best way to clean graffiti is to let Graffiti Blasters do it. They have high power blasters that use a combination of water and chemicals that get rid of the graffiti without harming the building. Because water's involved, they do a better job in the seasons that aren't sub-freezing, so this is an excellent time to request their presence.

  16. The second photo is of Latin King tagging. It does not appear to be a diss. Watch out for another turf war.

  17. Could someone give the address of the first photo so we could all be placing calls to 311 about the tagging? What kind of surface, front of the building, side, rear etc......

    I would also suggest asking for a tracking number of your request. If it still isn't taken care of in a reasonable amount of time, call back and ask for an explanation.

  18. Latin Kings have been seen around here more and more since school has started (yes, in the past two days). I've seen them with my own eyes.. there is no missing them. Not sure what the "surge" is all about with this particular game but they need to know its VERY UNWELCOME. Obviously.

    I want to move out... I'm almost fed up.

  19. BTW... did anyone notice that these "taggers" absolutely suck at their craft? A two year old could do those designs and grafitti fonts.. oh, wait.. they probably ARE recruiting and influencing toddlers, fresh out of the stroller. I mean heck, why would I be surprised if that was the case?

  20. Yes that is Latin Kings tags- Picasso's they are not!
    Thought I would throw out some good news, last night I was driving through Uptown and saw a HEAVY police presence on Lawrence/Sheridan, and in the alleys between Magnolia/Leland as well as Racine/Magnolia.
    Maybe they can catch these little thugs in the act!!??
    Take back your 'hood people! Teach these little punks a lesson.

  21. Veg----thanks. I just called it in as well. Hope it might help.

    Nash----what time did you observe the police presence?

  22. Any building security cameras catch these guys in action? That might help too.

  23. Can someone share some pictures when this crap gets cleaned off. We need some good news on here!

  24. ABecky is absolutely right. Last night, there was a gangfight around 4820 N. Kenmore (just north of Lawrence) between the GDs and the Latin Kings. A Latin King got beat up BAD but of course didnt press charges. Lots of police responded ASAP, lots of neighbors stood outside making a presence. Everyone please be watchful, call 911 immediately!

  25. Just saw the post about the gang fight.
    I was driving around 10:45p/11:00p when I saw the police in the alleys near my home.

  26. A friend called to tell me it was originally called in as a shooting, but it turned out to be not one. And of course the guy didn't press charges. Omerta ain't just in the Godfather books, apparently.

  27. I suppose Ald. Shiller would just called it boyish fisticuffs. Or "shenanigans."

  28. Shenanigans?

    Wasn't that a bar around 6200 N Lincoln in that mall?

    I seem to vaguely recall some alcohol usage going on there back when I was younger in the 70's and 80's.

  29. On another a separate post, YO mentioned Helen's boyfriend owns Leona's restaurants?!
    If so...I just can't eat there again.

    I believe that was IP, not me.

    Though - you're dead on. I'm never eating at Leona's again.


    And I used to eat there quite often.

    Oh - and let's not forget, if no one pressed charges, that fight never happened.

    Lies. Damned lies, and what Daley wants to see in his crime statistics.

  30. Not a big deal, but I actually posted about Shiller's boyfriend/roommate in the "Biting the Hand" topic from August 26, 2009.

    Here is what I wrote:

    Public records list her address as: 1248 W Carmen Avenue, Unit 1. Brendan Shiller has been listed as an occupant at this location. A man named Salvatore Toiais listed as Owner #2 (Tenants in Common). Toia Salvatore is listed as owner of more than 40 properties in Illinois. He is also listed as an owner of certain Leona's Pizza locations.

    Toia is listed as a contributor to Shiller and is also listed as receiving payments in relation to her her campaign.

    It was financed through North Community Bank, who has been a contributor to Shiller.

    She also has a "household" listed at 4544 N BROADWAY ST, CHICAGO, IL 60640-5602. (household = office)

  31. The same guys also tagged a building at Damen & Ainsle in Ravenswood.

    This started, as some have mentioned, the first day that the Chicago Public Schools started.

    After seeing the graffiti, I checked to see what I could find out about the these kids.

    Interestingly, they have a MySpace page.

    Montrose & Wolcott.

    Grade school

  32. Does anyone have contact info for the principal at McPherson? I think a number of email asking him/her to check out this MySpace page could help identify these kids and possibly get them some help.

    I've tried the McPherson Elem. website, but no info on the principal is listed.

  33. The principal at McPherson is Carmen Mendoza at 773/534.2625. Also contact the Dean of Students at Uplift. It's Mr. Taylor at 773/534.2875.