Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Court Case Continued To Wednesday

Warren Poole's court case (misdemeanor assault on a police officer during the August Sheridan gang riots) went to court this morning, and was continued until tomorrow, Wednesday.

So, calling citizens to be court advocates again! If you can spare a half hour or so at 9am, please come to Belmont and Western (free parking in the lot), and go to the courthouse at Branch 29-2. Look for other court advocates, or just stand to show your presence when Mr. Poole's case is called.

This is one of the ways regular citizens can demonstrate to the judge, the cops and the bad guys that crime is not welcome here. Rioting is not welcome here. This is how we take back our community. Hope to see a large turnout Wednesday.


  1. I'm still blown away every time I see this video.

    I'll be there tomorrow.

  2. Big turn out at today's court date.....3 residents and the court advocate officer. I guess its hard to push yourself away from the computer and take real action?

  3. 3 residents is actually a lot for a case like this. I would be there, but I can't take time off from work right now (vacation blackout)

  4. Bradley and jsm---I appreciate your dedication but wouldn't recommend taking an entire day off for a morning case. There are plenty of folks who have time off right now or who have flexible schedules and could spend some time in court.

    Three residents is actually a very poor showing for a case like this that has generated so much attention and press. We need to be more involved in actually resolving these issues rather than just complaining about them.

    I'll be there tomorrow, I just hope others feel the same.

  5. It's a misdemeanor case - so the guy is out on bond and probably won't get much of a punishment. Maybe even just time served.

    Gotta agree with Rob - if you have time, show up. Don't take a day off work unless you really want to.

    But really - with all the attention and fervor that came with this situation - I was disappointed to read that only three CAs showed up. I blame myself; I wasn't there, either.

    Hopefully tomorrow will see more folks show up.

  6. There were seven people there today but I had to leave so I'm not sure what happened.