Wednesday, September 23, 2009

'Blue Ocean' Sushi Now Open At Clark & Leland

"Blue Ocean" Sushi is now open at Clark and Leland (4650 N. Clark) in the Vis Vitae development. MJ, the restaurant manager, contacted us and wanted to welcome our readers to his restaurant. Blue Ocean is already getting rave reviews on Yelp. Hours of operation are Monday-Saturday 5pm-1am, and Sunday 4pm-10pm. They are BYOB until October and takeout is available. Call 773-334-6288.
Update: Metromix raves about Blue Ocean, saying: "Modern and more date-worthy than a run-of-the-mill sit-down spot-but not so outrageously priced you'll feel like your wallet's plunging to the ocean floor-this week-old Ravenswood restaurant features more than 30 rolls in a contemporary, lounge-like setting." Click the link to read the entire review.


  1. We went the Friday after opening day (Thursday), and I can't say enough good things about this place... GO! It was great. Food, atmosphere, service... awesome addition to the neighborhood. They'll be getting their liquor license in October from what I understand.

  2. Good to see great businesses opening up in the neighborhood! I'll definitely pay them a visit or six!! :-) Thanks for letting us know they're open now.

  3. We went last Thursday and loved it too! And we've gotten take-out once since then. Lovely environment, lovely service, and great food! Though I love that it's BYOB, I'll be excited for them to get their liquor license. The bar area looks really cool for a late night out. This and Ch'ava (where I've had a fantastic latte every morning since it opened) are great additions to the neighborhood!
    Let's patronize them and make sure they stay!

  4. Finally went here. A+++ So glad they've come to uptown.