Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wilson Yard Amendment Public Hearing - September 8th at 1 PM

A reader forwarded a copy of a public notice sent via certified mail to the homes of those taxpayers that live within the Wilson Yard TIF district.

A public hearing will be held on Tuesday, September 8, 2009 at 1 PM at City Council Chambers at City Hall, 121 N Lasalle St, Second Floor, regarding approval for the amendment to the Wilson Yard Project.

The notice is posted including the map of the TIF district here:


Update: Just a reminder that Fix Wilson Yard is hosting a BBQ-Party fundraiser
on Saturday, August 22 from 4 pm - 8 pm at the beautiful home of Turk and Judy Glazebrook in historic Buena Park.

Join friends and neighbors for a relaxing evening of great food, drink, and lively conversation as you dine alfresco in the lovely garden of this 19th Century Painted Lady. This very special event has something for everyone so bring the kids, your significant other, a date, or just bring yourself, and enjoy a delightful summer evening under the stars.
Date: Saturday, August 22, 2009
Time: 4:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: Home of Turk & Judy Glazebrook
Address: 4325 N Kenmore Ave (between Buena and Montrose)
* $50 per person
* Children under 12 FREE when accompanied by an adult.


  1. Glad they waited until the first day of school so all CPS employees can't attend.

  2. Can anyone comment on what this means in English? Are they looking to change the borders of the TIF district? What will that do?

  3. This is the amendment that will increase the boundries of the TIF and raise the pot to over $100 million for helen's fish farm and parking lots.

  4. Is this to include the Maryville Development? Didn't she specifically say they would have their own TIF?

  5. I am in the process of buying a condo on Racine & Montrose, right on the edge of the new TIF border.

  6. Physically Knotted- I was thinking the same thing, very clever timing.

  7. It does seem to include the Maryville property. And Helen did say in her meeting at Truman that Maryville would have a seperate TIF. A couple of people were taking video at that meeting. I believe Lorraine Swanson of Lake Effect News was one of them.

  8. I read this thing, and other documents recv'd, a few times and have figured out exactly what this stack of legal flim flam means:

    Attend the public meeting.

    I would recommend that Ms Shiller convene a public meeting prior to September 8 to give a detailed overview of exactly what her intentions are, and to justify the taking away of more money from the CPD as the cops tell us they lack proper resources, and as CPS is looking at budget deficits in the $400M range, this year and a possible $900M deficit, next year.

    Maybe she needs to be reminded that the group that assembled on Monday only had a day to prepare.

    September 8 is almost 3 weeks away.

    Maybe it's time that she stop poking the hornets' nest, wouldn't you think?

    I'm sure Daley would like nothing more than a little calm heading into the home stretch of the IOC decision.

    A crowd of concerned and vocal citizens showing up in Council Chambers might not be the kind of thing he wants the salivating media to jump upon.

    ... just sayin'

  9. Perhaps a protest at Daleys office on that day is in order?

  10. I agree, yo. People should mark their calendars now to attend the meeting although with aldermanic perogative, I am prepared for the the TIF amendments to be passed. People who live in the TIF area especially should prepare a brief statement. I couldn't believe they put in writing that all people would be allowed to speak?!

  11. You're going to want to bring your issues with this notification to Helen Shiller first before you go to the Council. I know, she probably won't listen, but you need to try anyway.

    Take her statements from the past about creating a new TIF for Maryville, take her statements just a few weeks ago during the at first secret task force meeting only later opened to the public. Take those statements and the notification and demand answers.

    Then you will all want to take the day off to attend the City Council meeting.

    This amendment is going to pass if you do nothing.

  12. Just wondering... did anyone else receive multiple copies of this certified mailing?? I received no fewer than FIVE copies. All with my name, my address, my apt. number, so it wasn't like I was receiving other people's copies.

  13. michael: Probably a mailing error. Talk to your neighbors. Ask them if they received their copies. You might be holding theirs and they're all mislabeled and misaddressed.

    Quoting Helen Shiller - "stuff happens."

  14. Hmm. Another day, ANOTHER FIVE of this same mailing in my mailbox... this time not certified, but definitely all addressed exactly the same to me. I've received TEN now.

    Somehow I'm not surprised though, as I'm sure it's a sign of how the whole project will be run.

  15. I got five copies as well... likely a mailing error, but boy did it throw some salt on the
    'this is going to happen no matter what we do' wound.

    We need to be out at this event, we need to make sure the media is there, and we need to make sure that going into it there is a UNIFORM and FOCUSED message that we can deliver. The Crime rally worked because it was about an indisputable issue.

    I was sneakily approached by one of our Catholic Worker/COPWATCH friends who just wanted to engage in a conversation about "what was going on?" (so innocent, it was priceless)
    The conversation lasted all of 30 seconds, ended in silence when I told him exactly what action would make me feel satisfied/heard. Then he tried to pick a fight about the I walked away. My point is, our universal and politely clear messages are doing their job if we can stump the people who thrive on argument like Hexxus feasting on pollution sludge.

    I'll do the best I can to figure this out, but I also urge those who have legal backgrounds or knowledge of our chicago machine to share what this means and perhaps suggest a good way for us to show opposition. If we could get a bullet point assessment and action plan, like UU did with the latest CAPS meeting recap post (good job UU!) I think we can all find that common message that was so effective before.

    If anybody needs a copy, I have 4 extras...

  16. Why is our city bankrupt? I myself have received NINE copies. Four addressed to me for my condo property ID. Four more addressed to me for my garage property ID. One more for good measure sent to "Resident."

    Four of the eight addressed to me were sent certified mail.

    Does this mean I can vote nine times in the 2011 elections?

  17. Confused - I LOVE the way you think!!!! I get TEN votes then.

    Honestly, I would be happy enough to vote ten "NOs" on just this amendment and deal with the withered old elephant in the room later... if we were actually given a voice in this matter.

  18. I have received a total of 8 copies. Four certified on Wednesday and four regular mail on Thursday