Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Uptowners Rally In Support Of Their Mail Carrier

North Uptown neighbors who had become accustomed to wonderful service by their mail carrier, Mark Reuben, took up the cause when Mark was laid off under dubious circumstances. While no one was privy to all the details -- no comment from the post office -- all were determined to rally for good service, a novelty at times in 60640.

While it's not an issue of violence, or aldermanic malaise, it's an issue of service and a demonstration of neighborly caring about -- literally -- the man on the street. The matter is going before the US Postmaster in DC.

We'll see... in the meantime, kudos for neighbors banding together and insisting upon the good mail service due to them and to all of Uptown.,CST-NWS-brown18.article

1 comment:

  1. Mr. Reuben should run for precinct committeeman. Who else would know the precincts any better than the man that delivers their mail?

    It's a shame the Uptown Branch operates this way.

    Good on the residents for standing up for good man.