Monday, August 3, 2009

School Supplies For Homeless Students

Uptown's public schools, such as McCutcheon and Stewart, have a disproportionately high number of homeless students. This year, as in the past, the community has the opportunity to donate school supplies so that these kids are able to begin the year with the same advantages as those whose families can afford school supplies. There are several ways to help:
  • Ald. Smith's, Sen. Steans' and Rep. Osterman's offices again are working together to provide school supplies. Each school, and each grade in the school, has its own school supply requirements which range from crayons to Kleenex. To "adopt", please contact Jen Walling, or (773) 769-1717. Backpack distribution will begin August 14.
  • People who want to buy and donate school supplies, backpacks, etc. can drop them off at Rep. Osterman's office, 5535 N. Broadway. Because the school supplies are going to Care for Real, donations are tax deductible and a receipt will be provided.
  • Staples, at Wilson and Clark, has a bin for school supplies, either those that are brought in or those purchased at Staples. They'll be distributed through the Boys and Girls Club.
  • CPS is again partnering with KitsforKidz. Go to the website and specify "CPS" if you aren't already on that page. You can buy a "kit" for as little as $11 and a "bundle" for $18, and specify whether it's for a Primary, Elementary or Jr. High student.
  • Block clubs can specify a school in their area and donate directly to it (for example, last year Truman Square Neighbors worked with and donated supplies directly to Graeme Stewart). Local block clubs can decide if this is an option for them.


  1. If you have a few minutes and want to help on the cheap, Staples has wide and college rule paper on sale for $0.01 (limit 5) until Wednesday. Just a thought.

    (Note: I do not work for Staples, own their stock or gain anything else from Staples for posting this.)

  2. How about diverting some WY TIF money to help these students out with there supplies?

  3. Note: Ald Smith even though these schools are in Shiller's ward. Where's her love for the homeless when it comes to actually helping them in a constructive way.

    Oh right. Grade school kids can't vote.