Saturday, August 22, 2009

Help Bring Francis Oduro's Murderer To Justice

Sadly, it's been over a year since the murder of Francis Oduro, just across the street from Alderman Shiller's office. No official statement was ever made by Alderman Shiller. Chicago Police and Crime Stoppers are wanting your help in bringing Oduro's murderer to justice and are offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to an arrest. Read all about it at the Tribune.

Update: Read and watch "Crime Stoppers Seeks Killer of African Immigrant" via CBS 2

Update 2: See the video here.


  1. Literally, the day after the Cubs are sold, the Tribune does their first follow up story in Uptown.


  2. I just called 911 about an assault on Clifton and Wilson like ten minutes ago. Two guys just completely stomping on a third. Walking a little further west on Wilson, I also saw a group of kids coming east who didn't look like they had good intentions.

    Wilson seems like a good street to avoid this afternoon.

  3. Just a note. Channel 2 news led off the 5pm broadcast with the Francis Oduro story. They even had daley on camera asking him about it. He didn't criticize Shiller, but did say that alderman should make themselves available to their constintuents.

    Reporters name was Mike Puccinelli. Just sent him a thank you note via the CBS 2 web site.

  4. Crud, they didn't include the follow up Daley quote on the online version of the news story. Hopefully it will be on again at 10pm for everyone to see or record.

  5. There was also a CBS truck parked in front of Shiller's office this afternoon.

  6. quietlyconscious- i saw both too as i drove by but didn't have my cell phone on me to call 911. i'm glad you did. thank you.