Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ald. Shiller's Updated Website Reflects How Much She Cares

Not a single word about the recent violence.

Maybe when CNN, MSNBC, every local news station, both city dailies, the local online news, the police commander, and a great many of your constituents talk about the brawls and rioting in the 46th Ward ... it means the local alderman doesn't have to.


  1. It's 3:23 in the AM and I'm woefully drunk.

    Even drunk I don't expect her ladyship, Lady Helen of Wilson Yard, to change anything on her webpage or for that matter how she approaches her constituents and other issues.

    To do so would be to admit that she is somehow wrong.

    Nope, ain't gonna happen.

    She went over to the dark side in 2003 and supported Daley in order to save her own hide, but beyond that I just don't see any changes on the horizon.

    Nope, she'll likely fight to the bitter end and beyond. Think of her as a Kamikaze pilot in 1945 off Okinawa.

    Expect some subpoenas or some other stupid counterproductive gesture to come soon.

    When attacked Shiller gets into defensive and offensive modes.

    It will be fun to watch.

    BANZAI stinking condo owners!

    DEATH to my opponents!

    Sometimes people can grow and learn from experience and gaining maturity. Like me. I am fully self actualized!

    Others may be able to experience insight through tragedy.


    Some others, which methinks includes Lady Shiller and her close supporters will never change.

  2. Zoraida Sambolin just said again during her piece with Joe Gray (great job, Joe!) that they had tried numerous times to contact the Alderwoman's office, but she never responded to Channel 5. After what Daley said yesterday about her needing to pay attention to her constituents, I think this a great opportunity to email our objections to the Wilson Yard TIF amendment-he seems displeased with her!

  3. I don't know why any of this surprises you. Schiller is just another player in the corrupt democratic machine that exists not to make your life better, but to steal money from you and enrich it's own coffers. Your well being, your quality of life will ALWAYS take a back seat to the needs and desires of the machine. Get used to it. That's just the way it is. And it starts at the top with Daley. Until you rid yourselves of him,NOTHING will change. Schiller is nothing more than one of his minions. Oh, he will march will you on occasion, he might even build a school here and there. But in the end, you, me are nothing more than subjects to him!

  4. BP, what/where did Daley say something about Shiller? I missed that..

  5. Yes, B P! What did he say, where and when?

  6. Under the comments of the Francis Oduro story:

    "They even had daley on camera asking him about it. He didn't criticize Shiller, but did say that alderman should make themselves available to their constintuents."

  7. Daley made the statement yesterday when asked by CBS reporter. The statement was played on the 5pm and 10pm broadcasts Saturday just after the Francis Oduro story and commentary about neighborhood frustrations with the lack of response from Shiller.

  8. Not only does Helen refuse to address violence, her argument in support of amending the TIF is outright laughable:

    CPD tells us they're under-funded.

    How does Helen want to use more TIF money?

    The Salvation Army site will become a “Farmer’s Market and Green Educational Center,” while the Sheridan/Agatite lots will be opened for competitive bidding to create off-street parking.

    Parking, and a Farmer's market.

    Kids are being shot in the streets, in front of churches and on their way home from school.

    Helen wants to sell produce.

    What else does Helen want to do with this money she's pulling from schools and police, at a time when both entities are sorely in need?

    1. Infrastructure improvements
    2. Public Transportation improvements
    3. Local School improvements
    4. Park District improvements
    5. Improvements of Truman College
    6. Public Way improvements such as street & alley paving, street & alley lighting, and sidewalk improvements
    7. The preservation of affordable housing

    #2 made me giggle, and then cry. How long will she push this charade? Did she once mention the Wilson stop in the WYTIF meeting?

    #3 ..., is that the $350,000 she needs for Uplift which the state is funding?

    #7 - hm.

    No new money will spent on the Wilson Yard development itself (at Broadway & Montrose).

    Why is it that the first word that comes to mind when reading this is: bullshit?

    If the residents of Wilson Yard are on public aid, tax dollars will be needed to pay for them, as well as maintenance.

    TIFs are tax dollars. Regardless of how you slice it. If more money is pulled into her TIF, and then more money is need for WY, then taxes must be raised.

    Those actions also require Council approval.

    Yeah - like that's tough to get,, right Helen?

    Aldermanic prerogative.

    Also - Helen addresses the question of why it is better to fill the TIF coffers rather than allow this money to go to the city's general revenue (notice the glaring omission):

    This money will go to the parks, schools, CTA, City Colleges and City of Chicago Departments that would not be available otherwise.

    CTA, huh? How long have we been hearing that BS?

    City Colleges? Truman? Haven't they had enough?

    Apparently not:

    For example, the money going to Truman College will enable them to enroll more students, therefore increasing their revenue and educating more Chicago residents

    How far would $10M have gone towards this, rather than building a parking garage next to the "Crustiest" L station in the city?

    Parks? You mean the park district which is going to start charging for parking?

    And which City Departments, specifically, does she mean?

    Police? No.

    A thick slice of cow-dung is the following, for which she provides no data to substantiate her claim.

    Furthermore - what happens during a season of low rainfall?

    And even the Wilson Yard development itself is saving the Water Reclamation District money through the use of green technology which captures rainfall that would otherwise wash into their system and need to be treated.

    So, residents will drink untreated rain water?

    The cherry on top is this:

    By the end of the life of this TIF, we will have dramatically increased the property values in the area and the taxes received by all taxing bodies far beyond what they would have received otherwise.

    How can the taxing bodies receive more money via taking money from them, and/or ... isn't the city budget designed around the entire city receiving a share of the collective tax draw?

    Wards do not exist in a vacuum.

    If we steal from Peter, to pay Paul, Peter's ward is going to suffer.

    That suffering will lead to crime and violence.

    That crime and violence will spread to other wards.

    Does anyone think that the Lincoln Park muggers were from Lincoln Park?

    Set your calendar right now to make a large appearance at City Hall on September 8th to help save this city from its government.

  9. (ran out of room - sorry for the rant, y'all - but it takes time to filter Helen's crap):

    Bring signs. BIG signs, and plan to show up early so that we can stand in front of the NBC5 studio across from Daley Plaza.

    Note - Helen also says that the amendment is possible due to the increase in property values in the TIF district.

    My question: how will those property values be affected when low-no income housing residents move in?

    Not only is Helen a liar, she's a bad liar

  10. Increase in property values, what does Shiller smoke.

    We have all lost value. I owe more than my place is worth.

  11. Hey, just saying that I understand one of the components of her request is parking at the behest of the Tattoo Factory, a big contributor of hers..... are our TIF dollars not being spent right now to build like 1,000 parking spaces exactly one block away from this space at Truman College....????

  12. Let's face it.....the only thing missing up here in this Ward, is Rod Serling waltzing in and saying 'what you have just seen, is......'