Sunday, July 19, 2009

Probably Not Joining The Uptown Chamber Soon

From the Tribune: State's attorney sues North Side upholsterer. The owner of a North Side furniture reupholstery company was sued Wednesday by the Cook County state's attorney for allegedly deceptive business practices. The suit, filed in Circuit Court, alleged that Ira Sachs, 74, owner of Lakeview Upholstery, demanded more money before he would return furniture and often had subpar work done. He also misled customers to think his employees would do the work at his shop, but a currency exchange [1002 W Montrose] is located at the address, authorities said. Sachs, who used an alias of "Joe Pesci," once threatened to destroy an antique chair when the owner refused to pay him an extra $450 to perform unneeded repairs, the suit alleged.


  1. I know this guy! A few years ago my family flew to Paris on Christmas and we accidentally left our youngest son Kevin home alone. Well it turns out this guy and his partner were robbing houses in the neighborhood. They tried to rob our house but my son Kevin foiled their plan.

    I would suggest for this guy though if he needs a good lawyer to call another friend of mine. A few years back him and his buddy got arrested for allegedly shooting a convenience store clerk down in Alabama. Well luckily one of the guys has a cousin who was a lawyer and he ended up getting them both off.

    True Stories.

  2. Did one of the robbers go to law school, become a lawyer and clear his cousin of the charges in Alabama? If it's the same story, I heard that the judge was a real Munster.