Monday, July 20, 2009

Foster Avenue Bricolage Nearing Completion

Work on the bricolage at the Foster Avenue underpass continues at breakneck speed. If you want to get out there and be a part of creating this artwork, better make it soon.
Click on the thumbnails for larger images -- the details of the mosaic are astonishing.
There are more photos and an in-depth article about the bricolage, the artists, and the research done by the Native Americans it honors, here, by Beth Botts in her blog, Growing In Chicago.


  1. Looks super and how I wish things like that could be done on our underpass walls....That ward surely has it going on...

  2. I have seen this work of art progress over the last few weeks and it really has been great to see it get more and more beautiful!

  3. There needs to be an actual effort to REPAIR the bridges at Lawrence and Wilson before anyone can decorate them. We'll have some lovely new slums at Montrose and Clarendon and Wilson Yard before the bridges will be a priority!

  4. I have to be honest, I don't understand why everyone is always praising Mary Ann Smith in these comments. I live in her ward and she doesn't pay any attention to this part of the ward. Have you taken a look at the Argyle underpass at the el station lately? I can't believe that is not a hazard and I don't know why she isn't putting pressure on the cta. Full renovations around southport because it's fully gentrified and close enough to wrigley. BS.

    Also, her office has not been helpful about the parking situation here. Wanna know why they're shirking responsibility? Take a look at the money she receives from the Aragon.

    Save your worship. It isn't justified.

    That said, love the Bricolage. Who designed it? It looks beautiful. Let's get some of that at the Argyle el station underpass, Mary Ann.