Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Parking Pay Boxes Come To Uptown

As seen on the 4600 block of Clark.


  1. So what happens if you get a ticket while you are going to the pay box?

  2. Oh, what a wonderful way to soak the tourists and other "unaware" folks, in all of our neighborhoods! Look at the positioning of the boxes and "Pay at Box" signs. If you don't catch notice of them while parking, and just walk away, boy are you going to be in for a surprise!

  3. I parked on lincoln and I walked to the box and the ticket writter was altready looking at my suv and I yelled I am here so she kept going. I asked her what would happen if she started to write a ticket and she said I would get it and I would have to go and show proof I was paying to park when she wrote. This system really sucks and I really try to avoid parking on the street anymore when I shop.........

  4. Again. The reason for all of this mess is a result of having a deficit in the city's general revenue.

    TIFs aren't the only culprit, but the mayor cries foul about a $300M deficit while sitting on $1B of TIF money ($550M last year, alone - do the math).

    Helen used to fight that sort of governmental waste/fraud.

    Now that she's been given a slice of the pie, she's oddly quiet on these sorts of matters.

    Oddly quiet as in didn't vote on the parking meter lease.

    The old Helen would be making hay of TIFS.

    The new Helen makes political allies with TIFs.

    She's become what she beheld, and we're all paying the price.

  5. I can't wait to see how many of these start malfunctioning in the winter. Either due to the cold, or being plowed over by plows, or suburbanites practicing their parallel parking skills....

  6. got a ticket just yesterday because the machine didn't print a receipt. now i guess i have to wait for my credit card statement (luckily i paid that way) to prove it.

    unfortunately that will likely be after the contest date.


  7. @d Can you get a copy of your credit card statement online?