Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hey, Buddy, Got A Light?

It's "Son of Racine"!

The folks on the 4600 block of Winthrop can't get their streetlights on, at least the ones on the west side of the street. The lights have been off for more than a month, even though some of the residents have organized a telephone tree to call 311 every single night. They've called the City, written Ald. Shiller, and we've even put them in touch with our super-secret mole, "Magical City Guy," but it's still been 35 consecutive nights of darkness on Winthrop, and counting.

Since the 4600 block of Winthrop is part of the Wilson Yard TIF, we wonder if any of that money they're paying into the TIF, earmarked for "infrastructure," could be used to get their lights turned back on. Or does that make too much sense?


  1. Streetlights?

    Why you capitalist elitist running dogs who hate commas and proper punkuation and spelin.

    Tools of the capitalist oligarchs!

    The revolution will NOT be illuminated.

    Surely, streetlights working is not an unreasonable request........don't call me Shirley.

  2. Maybe it's time to hire an electrician and bill it back to the City.

  3. The lights on Ainslie were off for a while too. Maybe a couple of weeks.

    It was kind of nice to have it actually dark at night. :)

  4. Maybe if you call the alderman's office and use reverse psychology; tell them this:

    Thanks for not fixing the broken street light. Because it has been out at night it has allowed new condo units to develop and new condo owners to come into Uptown!

    I am sure if she thought that more "evil condo owners" were moving in because the light was out she would climb the pole herself and fix it!

  5. If I was to live on that block I would try to get the largest amount of residents who live on that block and pile in Shillers office and refuse to leave until she does something to get the lights back on. With 50 people all piled into her office I am sure she will get the message fast....

  6. Really?


    I will check on this tomorrow.

    Now I am pissed. Are the lights on Racine on?

    Just got back from a little vaca, I will report on the situation.

    FYI: My contact there got a layoff notice. Of course, the first people to get laid off are the people who are actually competent.

  7. Ah... tough to get information right now. Very frustrating. Lots of union arguing going on right now.

  8. how bout u guys hop on over and take some of the new lights on kenmore and buena that havent been turned OFF since they were installed several days ago?

  9. Just leting you know I am following up on this today.