Saturday, July 4, 2009

Burn, Burn, Burn Like Fabulous Yellow Roman Candles

A reader, "The Point-And-Shootist," writes in:

Hello and Happy 4th of July! Last night we observed quite a fireworks display right out our window. The horizon was littered with fireworks shows but the best and the closest to us was this one. We were wondering if anyone knew where this show originates as we have seen it in years past and it was so good we felt we should donate to it! Anybody know?

See photos and video of the show here:

A tip of the hat to Jack Kerouac for the word imagery.


  1. Saddle and Cycle Club always puts on an amazing display.

  2. Is this the show that occurred above the Lawrence L stop? Fireworks were set off from the parking lot directly to the east. It kept going and going and was pretty impressive.

  3. You can thank Jim from Kinetic Playground for this. He is kind enough to provide this spectacular show every year!!