Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Winthrop Sinkhole Saga Continues

Our long-neglected sewer/sinkhole on Winthrop just south of Lawrence is not only safer these days, but it's becoming less of an ugly duckling. Nice work!


  1. Whew, ya scared me I thought something bad happened. Hopefully the restoration will be complete soon.

    Sometimes it just takes talking to the right people.

    Keep up the good work UU.

  2. Good work, indeed.

    As I am wont to say when signs of progress appear in this ward, if it weren't for UU's postings embarrassing our "progressively minded" "elected" officials, I doubt we'd see any improvements, whatsoever.

    The powers that be may not have high standards of ethics, or respect for the rule of law, but it appears they may at least have a modicum of shame.

  3. That whole block got brand new sod along the parkway a few years ago. You'd never know to look at it now...

  4. Do you think in the next election we can find someone who truly loves Uptown? Someone whose ear we might have? Uptown was beautiful once upon a time.

  5. I wish there was a big sinkhole in the Wilson yard project. That would end it once and for all......