Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wilson Yard Plan: "A Complete Transformation Of A Tired Neighborhood"

OMG! Read the breathless braggadocio the architect of Wilson Yard heaps on the Wilson Yard Plan in this blog article about the "winning design." Definitely good for some giggles.

"What the design team responded with is not just Transit-Oriented Development-based mixed use integrated urban shopping, nor only a new Target store anchoring an environmentally-friendly, multi-use development project – though admittedly it is both of these. What they created – with shopping and a little political finagling – is nothing short of a complete transformation of a tired neighborhood into a thriving, living, breathing community.

What they created is Wilson Yard.

Our futuristic vision of the retail real estate industry? It’s being built right here today."

Wonder just how many miles he lives from this. ahem, futuristic vision?


  1. Funny, they don't mention - unwillingly funded by local taxpayers instead of the developers who profit from it!

  2. Also not mentioned, these lovely affordable units are being built for 450,000 dollars a piece, above the market rate for low density housing in the surrounding communities. The city could have simply purchased condos and saved everyone a ton of trouble and money.

  3. Only heroes have the freedom to rape the public with a bad, but very profitable plan. It's a necessary evil for Holsten and Shiller to do this kind of dishonest "I'm a hero" PR.

    The question, is will the press play into their game or not? This one reporter already has. My guess is that they all will.

    Please ignore the little man behind the curtain!

    Thank you everyone who has been supporting Fix Wilson Yard. You're the true heroes.

  4. Well, if I was a crappy architect I would do my best to make the marketing department happy as well.

  5. It's Green alright with millions of dollars of TIF money funded by our tax dollars with no say about the development that was built.

    Brought to you buy Daley, Shiller, Holsten, Crook and Company.

  6. The only thing tired is sick and tired of Shiller and her Crooks. This one Shiller sneaked through behind our backs but lets keep a eye on the next one that has Shillers name on it too. The vacant Maryville property at Clarendon and Montrose. Will it also be Shiller and Holsten TIF rip-off funded............

  7. Britsh owners of Sears Tower gets $$$M of TIF money to "Develop" the tower. Is there on end to this coruption?

  8. Well looks like they crammed a few more units in there. 183, up from 178.

  9. nothing makes a design like a good line of shit on the side

    how long before we see "award-winning" on Shiller's or Holsten's website?

    "Wonder just how many miles he lives from this. ahem, futuristic vision?"

    he claims he is head coach of a basketball team in a Berwyn HS

  10. Is there on end to this coruption?

    At some point, the city is going to run out of money. They're continually selling off assets and future tax revenue streams for all these lovely TIF projects. When we actually get to that future and the tax revenues stop growing, the city is going to face a massive budget shortfall and either need massive tax increases or a giant bailout from the federal government.

    Personally, I tell everyone I see to get out of the city in the next five years, because when the ish hits the fan, its going to be too late.

  11. Terrible article full of misinformation we've come to expect, but why not leave a comment on the gentleman's blog as well?

  12. Is it me or is the brick they are using on Wilson Yard ugly?

    Couldn't they have done better with all the TIF money?

  13. Has anyone else tried to leave a comment on that blog?

  14. I left a comment this morning and it still isn't visable. They are either taking a long time to moderate the comments or they will not allow constructive criticism of Wilson Yard.

  15. Why can't everyone be happy that there is actually new construction in the Uptown area creating new jobs and making the neighborhood more cleaner, nicer, and more valuable to home owners? The money is allready spent through the TIF funds. If you don't like what's going on now, than I better not see you in the long lines that will be at Target, like the other ones in the City.

  16. Sorry lost me. Since when does a low income housing project increase surounding poperty values? What makes you believe this project will be making the neighborhood "more cleaner"?

  17. miss kitty -- my comment on that blog hasn't been approved either. seems like a fake blog site to me!

    mark -- that's quite the defeatist attitude. just because something bad has already been done doesn't mean we should stop fighting it.

  18. Wasn't "political finagling" the crux of the FWY lawsuit?

  19. As for the legitimacy of the site, I think it's a weak attempt for this guy to put his ego on the internet.

    What I did find interesting is that Mike DeRouin was involved in the University Village lofts.

    The Lofts are part of the "University Village" project which, oddly enough, was TIF funded, as well.

    According to Progress IL, there may have been some political finagling there, as well.

    And, Mike is also involved in the
    River Village Townhomes.

    His firm, Fitzgerald Associates Architects is working on a mixed development project in the west Loop.

    What did one critic call the design for this place?

    Called it, "a wall"

    Sound familiar?

    And, while we're talking about familiar sounds, try this on for size.

    TIFs, project shifting and zoning changes.

    Oh, and guess which architectural firm located on Lake Street has a history of making donations to "Citizens for Shiller"?

  20. The saddest thing about the character and charmless project is it turns Uptown into looking suburban.Come on Uptown is known for it's architecture.Leave the BIGBOXES in the suburbs.