Saturday, June 27, 2009

Will Helen Ride With "Pride"?

Questions abound!

- Will Ald. Shiller participate in the Pride Parade this Sunday, or skip it like she did in 2007?

- If she shows up, will she make it all the way to the end of the route, or will she bail, like she did in 2008?

- Will she ride with one of the cool kids in an attempt to deflect the catcalls and boos, like she did in 2006?

Enquiring minds want to know!


  1. Hate the crowds but may go just to get the chance to boo the beast

  2. Other politicians aren't stupid. They know she's a bit of a Stroger and have tried to distance themselves from her. Did you ever notice that many of the other surrounding aldermen share office space with various other politicians but no one shares an office with Helen? Do you think that's a coincidence? The politicians are faced with the following:

    Should they take pity on her and let her march with them and risk being aligned with her?
    Should they just let her reap what she has sown?

    I would guess that Helen must feel embarrassed that others are reluctant to be seen with her. I wonder if any politicians will take pity on her?

  3. If pols take pity on her, their names need to be published

  4. Where did they get that picture. Is that not the wicked witch from the wizard of oz.....

  5. Lord have mercy....I'm trying to picture what sort of float she would be riding on?
    A WY float made up of white carnations?


  6. I heard she was at the parade. How many of her bleeding heart liberals did she have walking with her.

    So bummed I couldn't make the parade to boo and hiss at the beast.

  7. I booed her! A few people around me joined in. It was cool. She didn't even look our direction.