Friday, June 5, 2009

What Makes Uptown Great?

"Through July 27, the What Makes Your Place Great? contest, a project of the nonprofit Metropolitan Planning Council, is calling for people across Chicagoland to submit photos or videos of their favorite public places, along with 250-word-or-less written descriptions about why their favorite places contribute to their communities. The contest is part of one of MPC’s major projects,, which encourages communities to work together to develop a shared vision for their public spaces.

After July 27, there will be an online public voting process to pick the People’s Choice Award in each category. A panel of Placemaking experts also will select a Grand Prize winner in each category, for a total of four awards. The prize packages are pretty sweet.

I’d greatly appreciate it if you could share this with Uptown Update readers, so they can submit their favorite public places in Uptown." Read all the details here.

Uptown Update's choice is the Uptown Broadway Building... what's yours? Submit a description and photo, and let it be known what you love in this community.


  1. What makes uptown great. I wish I new anymore these days.......

  2. Barry, you really can't think of a single thing great in Uptown?

    That's not good.

    Don't let Ald. Shiller et al poison the well for you. I dislike what she's done, and what she's trying to do, to keep Uptown down, but there are still so many things I love about this place. Our predecessors left us so many treasures, and they'll last far longer than anything Ald. Shiller and her roving band of followers come up with.

  3. TrumanSquareNabr I guess your right. We cannot let Shiller fog our eyes and mind here in Shillerville. The views of it from my condo are nice. Montrose harbor here is nice. Graceland cematery is lovely. Your right there are a few treasures to see between the garbage that trys to hides them.

  4. Thanks for promoting the contest! MPC received more than 50 entries of great public places around the region - including some in Uptown!

    Online voting begins Aug. 10 and runs through Sept. 14. Be sure to visit to check out the entries and vote for your favorite public space.