Friday, June 12, 2009

Rock Roll & Remember At Shake Rattle & Read

Here we go again, shamelessly drawing attention to unique locally owned Uptown businesses in which we have no financial interest (shocking, but true!) has a wonderfully informative article about Shake Rattle & Read and its legendary owner, Ric Addy:

I’m not prone to write what I call “commercials” but there are some merchants that actually are worthy of wider recognition (and the accompanying patronage). One such merchant and his establishment is right smack dab in the heart of the Uptown neighborhood, immediately adjacent to the landmark Uptown Theatre. “Shake Rattle & Read” is a bookstore like Bud Powell is a piano player. And the owner, Ric Addy, is not just another businessman with a conscience. He’s a historian that can regale you with his “I was there” knowledge of Uptown, from the 1960’s through today.

Read the entire article here, and be sure to stop by SRR and buy something, fercryingoutloud!


  1. I have known this shop for years. I highly recommend it to all seekers that search for greatest deals on earth. Large selection and you can find just about book you can think of.....

  2. Oh, c'mon, ANOTHER post about Shake, Rattle and Read? That's like the third time this year! And you mentioned them last year too? What, do you guys OWN the store? This is blatant pandering and favoritism at its most foul! Cease and desist in discussing viable businesses in Uptown.

    (Note: The above was sarcasm. I really like this store and remember Ric Addy when he used to DJ at a bar called Augenblick on Irving and Damen. I used to talk to him all the time there, but he probably doesn't remember me. Anyway, keep pushing this store.)