Thursday, June 18, 2009

Healthy Food All Summer Long

As the economic crisis worsens, the Greater Chicago Food Depository, with the help of USDA, is offering schoolchildren across Cook County a ray of hope—access to healthy food all summer long. The Summer Food Service Program ensures that children from low-income families have access to wholesome meals even when school is not in session and school lunches are out of reach.

There are two sites participating in this program in Uptown:
Alternatives Inc at 4730 N Sheridan
American Indian Center at 1630 W Wilson


  1. Ok, not to sound like a jerk, but it has become clear that the "economic crisis" has become quite the marketing tool.

    The economic crisis is not worsening, it is over. Get ahead of the game people!

  2. I agree with you 100% and now there has been made another excuse for marketing once again........

  3. Well, this isn't exactly "marketing." The economic downturn HAS affected families, particularly those with lower incomes. The Greater Chicago Food Depository is making sure kids from those families have access to healthy meals when CPS is out for the summer, because a lot of school children get one, two, or three meals a day through CPS.

    Granted, some companies have used the economic crisis as a marketing tool, but I don't see how this announcement about free meals to lower-income kids (and that is what it is) can be construed as such.

    On paper, the downturn may be on the upswing. Depends on who you're reading and believing. But in actuality, there are still lots of people out of work, lots of foreclosures, lots of consumers who don't have the money to buy the way they used to, and lots of kids who might go hungry in the summertime when they don't get meals through Chicago Public Schools. And THAT is reality.

  4. The Fed, Treasury, Agriculture and FDA are telling me that food prices are declining.

    [a lot of school children get one, two, or three meals a day through CPS.]

    Is this right? "A lot" receive three meals a day through CPS?

    I guess the way you "or" would say that ALL CPS students get at least one, two or three meals per day.

    I only thought Lunch was included.

  5. Many kids get 3 meals a day at school.

    There is breakfast, lunch, and a late snack at the end of the after school program at Disney.

    For a lot of kids, school is their main source for food.

  6. Brennan, nope, not just lunch anymore. Aside from later-day meals/snacks, breakfast has been a big meal at schools for some time.

    Back in 2007, CPS schools were serving nearly 85k breakfasts each school day. (Many more lunches of course.) At that time, 85% of these meals were discounted or free.

    You'd be surprised how many kids are sent off to school without any food in their stomachs... or with a Zebra Cake.

    Not conducive to learning anything.

    Here's the source for those stats btw.


  8. Consequently this will succeed in feeding hungry children but it also foments the culture of dependency without any sense of responsibility.

  9. IHM, do you really think hungry kids need to be political pawns? They're kids, they need good food, and people are taking steps to make sure that happens. Sure, that's horrible. Really awful. Would you suggest we leave them on mountaintops to starve to death to teach their parents responsibility?

  10. We are talking about KIDS and FOOD. Do you really begrudge them of this?