Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wilco Finds Inspiration

Nice! From The Philanthropic Family blog:

"[Wilco's] latest album was just leaked on the Internet. This is no surprise to the music biz, it seems to happen all the time. ... In reaction to the leak, Wilco didn’t stamp its collective little feet and complain about the unfairness of file-sharing ... Instead, they offered “our usual guilt abatement plan for downloaders. ” For all you naughty MP3 pirates, “we suggest you make a donation to one of the band’s favorite charities, the Inspiration Corporation – an organization we’ve supported in the past & who are doing great work in the city of Chicago.” I love that the band has made peace with its complete inability to force people to pay them for the music but is turning this into an opportunity to use their fame for the benefit of their favorite charity.

... Tip o’ the hat to Wilco for going beyond its checkbook to help a cause it cares about, and also using its fame and access to a loyal fan base to generate support and hopefully connect some folks with the mission of a fantastic nonprofit." (Photo courtesy of Penyu on Flickr)

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