Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Uptown Broadway Building Wins "Good Neighbor" Award

The Chicago Association of Realtors awarded the rehab of the gorgeous Uptown Broadway Building a "Good Neighbor Award":

Built in 1923 and designed by Walter Ahlschager, this building had been poorly maintained and a frequent victim of graffiti, break-ins and drug-related activities. When it was completely gutted down to the perimeter brick, the developers removed years of low-quality remodeling and craftsmanship. Each and every piece of the entire terra cotta fa├žade was restored. The new windows match the original Chicago-style configuration of the original wood windows, and the ground floor storefront was replaced with new energy-efficient glass. With all drug-related activity eliminated from the building, this jewel has been restored to its proper place in the Uptown theatre district, providing modern yet historic retail and business spaces.


  1. I really was glad to see this eye sore for years upgraded. Its looking good and I hope the retail space can be filled. I would not hold my breath until it is......