Thursday, May 28, 2009

Partial Power Outage In Sheridan Park

We're hearing from readers in Sheridan Park that there's a partial power outage affecting some of the homes and street lights. Apparently a very loud noise that some residents thought was a bullet shot happened shortly before 11pm.

"A tranformer just exploded in the alley between Clark and Dover and Wilson and Leland, knocking out power for as far as I can see in the neighborhood." Parts of Montrose, Lawrence, Dover, Beacon and the Sunnyside Mall area are without street lights, although some homes' exterior lighting is working.

ComEd is aware of the problem and is working on restoring power. If you must drive or walk tonight, be cautious!


  1. Power has been restored, I can now resume my nightly routine.

  2. The power just came back up, at least the Clark and Wilson area, not sure about the other areas affected by the outage.

  3. This SAME transformer/box blows on the same light pole every couple of months. The fire truck pulls up in the same place everytime, then they send a lone guy to patch it up the next day.
    Then it usually blows out again a few months later. ComEd job sequirty at its finest.

  4. Yes I thought all it could be is a transformer. With our new president maybe he will replace the transformer with windmills or solar panels. hahaha what a joke. You won`t be laughing either as his tax and cap is passed and this means a 45 or more increase for our ultility bills.....